Monday, February 27, 2012

Totally random

I have nothing to say really lol. My brain has just been mush lately when it comes to actually thinking of anything worthwhile to say :P
So.. in light of that.. here are some photos I took yesterday! YAY!
They're nothing spectacular or even all that interesting lol.

The sunroom. YAY! It actually doesn't get a lot of direct sun which kinda sucks, but I still love it. I can't wait until we get some more money (whenever that is) so we can get some sort of chair or something to put in there.
We just recently moved a lot of it around. Like the thing in front of the fireplace was in the nursery. We never use the fireplace (it's gas, not a real one).. so figured why not put something in front of it.
And the 2 big palms we bought on clearance at Walmart :D

A lot of the plants on the right will be planted outside, so things will look different once it gets warmer and DH figures out where to put everything heh.

OO had to show 2 more deals we got at Walmart. Bought the 2 smaller plants for a dollar a piece. WOO! Obviously by the look of the containers they're in, they're from Valentine's day. Still healthy looking and come on.. a dollar is an awesome deal. Going to transfer these to larger pots once we get some potting soil.

Next up... Cid!! My spoiled adorable Frenchie mix :D
He was all snuggled up by DH last night and just looking WAY too cute not to get a photo of.

Love my pup so much :D

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fat was my infertility

I hate to admit this, but I NOW do think that me being overweight was causing my infertility problem.
Not saying it's the ONLY thing... I do still have PCOS... and I think my cycles would still be pretty screwy even if I did lose more weight just b/c that's the way they were when I was younger and thinner, BUT what happened when I lost weight finally. I started ovulating on my own.

DH was totally right (and I'm gonna have to hear about it for forever!). He first said to me.. maybe I should lose weight before we tried any kind of treatment. He didn't say it in an ugly way or anything, but come on... who wants to hear that? I sure as heck didn't. I was already 30yo and was ready to start those meds and whatever else to get my baby before I even thought about losing weight.
Fat people know they're fat... but there is that denial about HOW fat we really are sometimes and to have someone suggest that we need to lose weight... you just don't want to hear it... ya know? We don't want those reminders.
Well, that's at least how it was for me.

Not saying losing weight is some magic cure for every overweight infertile woman, but maybe, just MAYBE losing weight could help too.

MIA from here at least

I'm sorry I don't update this blog more often now. I haven't abandoned it... I just don't have an interesting life so can't really update this part lol. Well, not unless you want to hear about cat shit which... hell, who does.

I'll try to think of more things to post though *nodnod*

Monday, February 6, 2012

Do you know your neighbors?

I have NO idea who our neighbors are and quite frankly... I don't want to know. I guess that's natural.. me being a hermit and all lol.
The neighbors to our right don't get home until midnight anyway, and the couple on the left are grandparent types and the woman is always outside smoking and talking on her phone.
There is an older couple across the street to the left that have an adult son living with them... and the ones to the right across the way are annoying assholes with kids that are the same.
So yeah.... I don't really care to know any of them which is kinda sad to think about.
I remember growing up in my old neighborhood and knowing a ton of the neighbors and going to their house, asking for favors, getting free goodies from the older couples, etc etc.
Oh well...

I swear our 2nd oldest dog is an IDIOT. She's a really sweet dog, but she is just stupid as hell.
I put our birdseed and sprinkle some on the ground for the larger birds that can't perch on the bird feeders.
Her dumbass goes out there and EATS the birdseed. WTF??
I've caught her before doing it and she just comes wagging away w/ a birdseen goatee on her muzzle :\

And while I'm on the subject of our pets... I'm going to kick the shit out of our cat. I have HAD IT with the fat piece of crap cat.
He used to be great. Not perfect, but great. He would sometimes pee and/or poo on our bathroom mats, but those are easily washed so, although annoying and gross, it was easy to clean up.
Well for some fucking reason, he's decided he's going to start shitting on the carpet in our sunroom.
Thankfully it's not runny or anything, but it's still fucking disgusting, especially since 2 of our dogs (not the stupid one), just LOVE the taste of cat shit... and usually end up getting sick from eating it.
UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH stupid ass cat!!!!
I'll never do it obviously, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to kick the everloving hell out of the cat.
He's a great cat most of the time, but shitting on the floor is pissing me off.
Looking at oe of those plug in things that is supposed to help soothe cats.
I think he's doing it on the carpet now b/c I'm pregnant. I dunno WHY, but... I'll have to talk to DH about purchasing the plugin thing b/c this is going to drive me crazy if he continues to do it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I don't understand....

... women that post on TTC forums w/ a thread about how they didn't want to get pregnant, but Oh well they are.
WTH is the point? Just to show the world that you're fucking fertile? To rub it in the faces of those that are still trying or actually WANT their pregnancies?
I don't understand why they post and then expect some kind of sympathy from everyone. Uh no bitch..... your post just makes me want to rip all of your damn hair out of your head.

I just read one post where a woman said she was pregnant, it was unwanted, she has 4 kids already, and boohoo her and her DH aren't going to be able to go on their yearly beach vacation this year.
Oh boo-fucking-hoo heifer!
Excuse me while I just take off my rings and sharpen my nails here... no no... don't run away.... Grrrr
It's such a slap in the face to EVERYONE that wants their pregnancy & a slap, punch, and kick in the ass to those still trying.

(also posted in preg blog)