Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3 more long days

Just 3 more provera to go. Thankfully I have a few things keeping me busy.
World of Warcraft is having a contest. Make a real life replica of any of the weapons in the game. First place wins one of their replicas of a sword called Frostmourne? Something like that.
I could care less about it, but DH wants it.
I doubt I'll win anything though. There are some insanely talented people playing the game that usually always enter their contests.
I'm gonna try my best though with my cardboard, plaster, clay weapons hehe. I have one that needs to be sanded a bit more and then painted.
And I plan on doing another one as well. Really fun and it's an eye opener. I SUCK at sculpting lol. I'm just not good at shaping clay the way I want it. I'm too heavy-handed. I'm the same way with my drawings/coloring as well.
Oh well. Can't be great at it all, but I can keep trying heh.
I'll post photos of it all once I'm done.

Erm what else. Got my car back today. DH had to take it in to get then special rear view mirror in and the bumper guard put on. They gave him a loaner car, it was a brand new Mazda 3 sedan. Only had like 1.5miles on it from the salesman driving it to and from the gas station to fill it up heh.
But anywho, DH got our car back today. They were supposed to fix the scratches on the car, but couldn't. So apparently they're gonna schedule another time for them to repaint the entire car. I doubt it though. They were pretty slack at this, and they already got our business, so who knows if they'll call back.

And yep..... just kind of rambling before bedtime.
You know what. I HATE hearing that a celebrity is pregnant. Like Natalie Portman. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH. It's not that I dislike her or anything, but you just know the bitch wasn't planning it.
And I hate that that stupid bitch teen mom chick is all over the gossip blogs that I go to. I hate being reminded that this twat could get pregnant SO damn easily, while I can't.
If there is a God. He/she/it has some frickin explaining to do.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Eh, not too shabby

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday :)

Mine wasn't too bad. Actually got some decent gifts. I know that's not what it's all about, but still :P Ate some good food and it was just a good day I think.
Plus that night, we actually got snow!
It is NOT normal for us to get snow this early, if at all.
We got around 2-3inches and it actually stuck! Well most of it will probably be gone today, but still, not normal. It was still fun having an almost white Christmas :)
Now the day after Christmas was awesome too. DH really made my day then. Even though it was still snowing and slush on the road, it wasn't icy. So we headed out early. We went to Target first to see if DH could return a game his mom got him that he already had.
Well after that, we headed over to their Xmas stuff, and it was all 60% off. We snagged 2 reindeer outdoor decor. One is wire, and the other is tinsel. Both cute! We also got 2 wire holly lights, and some wrapping paper.
Next, we went to Michaels (it's right next door to Target). I needed a foam ball for a project I'm doing (I'll post about it later), and then headed to their Xmas stuff. They were pretty cleaned out, BUT still had this tinsel cow I had wanted before. It was 50% off. Oh and I got this cute little wreath made from bells for the tree next year. I think that was 70% off.
We went grocery shopping after that, then headed over to Home Depot. I wanted this one giraffe tinsel decoration that I had seen earlier in the month. I was afraid they would be sold out, but nope, they had a bunch left so we snagged one. YAY! I can't remember how much off it was. I think 50%. DH also grabbed 2 boxes of these really cute walkway lights that are in the shape of Xmas Lights.

DH totally spoiled me and god do I love him for supporting my nerdy ass :P lol
So yeah, all of that including the awesome chickens we got, our yard next year is going to look like a zoo! I can't frickin wait! hehe

And on TTC.... including today, I have 5 more days of provera left. WOO! Almost there. I can't wait! I'm still feeling good for next cycle. We're planning on humping like rabbits.
I may try some grapefruit juice too since last time my CM wasn't all that great. I don't take any medication that the juice could interfere with so I'll give it a shot.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Started the provera yesterday! WOO!
Afterwards though, I had an incident with some spotting. It wasn't a lot and only lasted for 2 bathroom trips, but still, I was scared that AF would start and ruin everything lol.
Still a bit nervous that AF will come sooner than I hope, but I will lie my ass off just so they (RE) won't make a big deal if I'm say, cd4 instead of 3.
I know the spotting was just my hormones though. I should pay closer attention next time. It's always the same symptoms I get when my body is acting up. I get a headache that doesn't go away, I feel BLEH all day long.

And yeah that's about it. In case I don't post before.... I hope everyone has a happy Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate or don't celebrate :D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's weird...

I'm just feeling really hopeful for the next cycle coming up. Maybe it's b/c we've had to wait so long to start up again, but I'm feeling really good about it.
Oh don't get me wrong, I'm still scared shitless that things won't work, but I dunno... just feeling positive.
I think I'm going to go ahead and start the provera tomorrow (22nd). That way AF should be arriving on the 3rd, then probably go in on the 4th for the baseline.
 So yep, not too long to wait.
Please please please... if anything is out there, whatever is out there listening to our wishes, hopes, prayer, etc.. Please let 2011 be the year we'll get our little miracles.

and on a random note...... I had a TOTAL brainfart moment. It took me a good 2mins to figure out how to spell Prayer :P

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wish I was a kid again

I just want that innocent awe when it comes to Christmas again. Now all I think about is how long we'll have to spend at the relatives and the money we spent on the gifts.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spending the $$, I just don't like the debt that comes with it lol.

I dunno, it would just be awesome to get that excited feeling again. Waking up early, rushing to the Christmas tree and seeing all of the presents you're about to rip open.

Sigh, good times, good times.

I can't wait to have children so I can watch them get that excitement. It's gonna be fantastic and I'm totally going to spoil the hell out of them for Christmas. Santa is going to be one generous fat guy lol.
I really hope we'll be able to have baby's first christmas next year.
Makes me want to cry just thinking about it. Sad that I can only imagine what it's like.

I hope all of us still waiting will be able to have baby's first Christmas next year :)

Oh and I forgot.
DH's current wallet is a Fossil wallet and he's had it for forever. I just noticed the brand today.
So that makes me feel better about the one I got for him. At least I know they're sturdy and can last for a heck of a long time.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

And now time for something different!

So, not sure I mentioned this before, but I'm a fish hobby enthusiast. Not even sure if that's a real title to call someone or not, but it sounds good lol.

Basically, I love keeping aquariums!
DH is actually the one that got me started on this. He asked for an aquarium from his mom a few Xmas ago, and I started to look up fish that could go in to the tank. Well reading all about the various fish got me completely hooked and obsessed.
His mom got him/us a 29 gallon bow front tank (the front of the tank curves out).
And then I got myself a 10 gallon tank while he was out of town at another conferance lol. I used my food money to get it :P
And so on and so forth.
Right now, I only have 3 running tanks. In total I have 6 tanks. They were all running at one time before heh.

This is my 10 gallon tank
It's a bit dark b/c there are so many plants in the tank that it blocks a lot of the light. Right now it's home to trumpet snails, cherry shrimp, and pond snails.

The 29 gallon tank that started my obsession.

The water is that yellowish color b/c of algae and tannins that the piece of wood is leaching in to the water. It doesn't hurt the fish and I like it b/c it gives the tank a natural look.
I'd love to replace the substrate or just add more sand but meh, I'm too lazy to do anything right now lol.

And my baby, my 125 gallon tank. DH bought this for me a couple of years ago using some of our tax return. Love him :D

It doesn't look as great as it used to. Unfortunatly, had a lot of fish die due to unknown reasons. Also the plants aren't doing so well right now. Trying to figure out what's going on so I can get the tank looking great again. Hopefully it will again soon.

And yep.... other than TTC, this is another addiction of mine :P I love my fish tanks!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ok, so DH has been wrapping up the rest of the Christmas presents because we need to mail off a few tomorrow. He realizes that we don't have enough of that brown mailing paper left, so we head to Walmart.

5mins after we get there, I start groaning and moaning and complaining about leaving. I hate Walmart with a passion, and I hate shopping even more. If I know what I want, I want to get it and leave. DH on the other hand inherited just a sliver of his mother's shopping endurance. He doesn't really like shopping either, but he takes his time and has to relook over everything before actually settling on something, if that makes any sense.
It drives me up the damn wall, and he knows it :P
So after torturing me for another 30 or so minutes, we finally head to checkout. We have maybe 15 items, and speedy checkout is 20 or less.
Well guess fucking what... bitch in front of us has half a cart FULL of shit.
That's not the worst part, worst part is she's also using these fucking coupon things that won't scan, AND she's using a damn gift card that she insists has X amount on it still. All the while the line is getting longer and we've already been standing there for 20 damn minutes! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH GAWD DAMN I HATE PEOPLE!!!!
Not everyone, just the frickin inconsiderate pricks that thinks the world revolves around them.
Like the assholes who can't bare to walk 2 more feet to put the damn shopping cart in to the little shopping cart drop off area. Seriously, we saw 3, not one, not 2, but 3, right where we parked, which was right beside the drop off area for carts, where people just left them in parking spots. It literally would've taken these douches 1 second to push the cart over just a little bit in to the drop off area. But oh no! They can't be bothered!
And then coming home, this frickin slow ass stupid bitch that kept hitting their breaks whenever they came upon who the hell knows what. But that's not even the bad part, the ASSHOLE behind us was riding our ass as if doing that was going to make the prick in front of us go faster. AND they started flashing their lights at us.
It's like really you fucking dickhead? Can you not see past your douchey asshattery to see that there is another fucking car in front of us that is going slow as shit??


Phew, ok feel a little better... that is until we have to go back out tomorrow and experience dickwad drivers all over again. Yippee.......

/end rant

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Car photos

Woke up early (not just to take photos lol)...and decided to brave the cold to take some photos. There's a little bit of frost on the car, but probably not really noticeable.

First up, the key. Yes, the key :P I just thought it was neat. It has the keyless entry buttons and all that jazz, and the key itself is tucked away inside. You press the little silver button (that has some hair stuck to it that I didn't notice), and voila! switchblade key pops out.

And then finally photos of the car. Honestly, I'm not totally loving it yet. I'm sure I will once I drive it and get used to it. I just wish it was a tad shorter in the nose without giving up the way it looks. The mazda 2 wasn't bad, but didn't have the right look I liked.
Anywho, here are the photos. You'll notice that the front of the car smiles at you. I didn't even notice it until I read it on reviews and people said it was a negative. I think it's cute though :D

People say it looks like a station wagon heh. Nothing wrong with wagons, but it really doesn't when you get to see it in person. I think photos make it look larger than it is.

New car! YAY! Another bill... BOOOOOO

So we picked up my car today :D
Had to get BiL to drive the truck home.
They didn't get my car in until late. They had it in their show room for some reason *shrugs*
I really don't see the point in trying to negotiate a price. I know things tell you to try to get below invoice, but unless you're saving thousands of dollars, there's no point b/c from what we've seen, most places don't really sell for that much more over invoice.
Like the honda place sells for a couple hundred over what they pay. The mazda place sells for about 1k over.
We got ours at invoice though so yep. No need to haggle.

It's def gonna get used to riding in and driving. Been so used to being up high in the truck, it's gonna be weird being so low to the road. Specially getting in and out.
We have to take it back in around thursday. We're getting rear bumper guards and the autodim night/day rearview mirror put in. Plus there are some scratches that they need to fix.
Yep, now to just get used to driving it and actually get my license lol.
It was already getting dark by the time we left to get the car, so no photos right now. I'll get some tomorrow though.

Oh and while I'm thinking about it. Here's the best thing DH brought back for me from CA
The teeny tiny little single serving tabasco bottle. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I love little cute things, and OMG, seriously, I feel like a total dork for loving it so much but it's SO small and cute! I put it beside the tylenol bottle so you could get a sense of scale.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

UGH Hangover!

So lets see what has been going on.
Yesterday, we went to DH's bank to finally put me on to the bank account. I know that sounds awful, but there really was no reason for me to be on it since I don't drive anywhere or go anywhere on my own. And the few times I have (like w/ friends and family), I didn't need to buy anything.
But yeah, now that we're getting a 2nd car, I'm gonna need my own debit card. Muahahahaha

We also finally decided on definitely the Mazda 3. I'm a bit disappointed with it though. I REALLY wanted the keyless push start/stop feature. I didn't really even think about getting that until we had test drove the fiesta and that was a feature on it. It's just SO cool and I wanted it. However, frickin mazda doesn't offer it seperate. You MUST get the technology package, which would've been fine with me, BUT getting the tech pack, you MUST get the moonroof package as well which is complete bullshit.
We test drove a mazda 3 with the moonroof and it takes away at least 5 inches above your head. DH's head was brushing up against it. And even before that, I didn't want the moonroof anyway.
So yeah, we had a choice to make, moonroof and I would get my keyless feature, but would probably bump my head on the roof whenever we hit a bump, or no moonroof, more space and yeah.
We decided no moonroof. Sigh.... damnit. Oh well. I'll just have to use a key to start the car like everyone else :P lol
They had to get the car I wanted in, and we had to pay a small fee for them to get it, so yeah, we're committed now.
DH got the call and was told that it would be there this afternoon. Exciting :D

And finally about the hangover..... we decided to finish off all of the alcohol we had left last night. There wasn't a lot and it was taking up room in the freezer. Or well, I thought there wasn't a lot.
I got sooooo shitfaced. I don't remember some of what happened later in the night lol. I've only ever gotten that drunk once before when I was a teenager. I don't like getting that drunk. A good buzz and I'm good to go.
But anywho, I woke up at around 4:30 with my head pounding and slowly feeling like I had to puke. So I got up and went to the other bathroom across the house (so I didn't wake DH up), and retched. It was just really forceful dry heaving, but then finally a little bit came out and I felt fine (other than the headache).
Took some ibuprofin and headed back to bed. Woke up again at 7 and my head was still pounding, so took 2 more ibuprofin and I'm good now.
Oh the joys of alcohol :\

Saturday, December 11, 2010


DH is home :D
He got home at about 6pm last night. Poor guy was so tired. Not tired as in sleepy, just worn out.
He's had to wake up so early most of his trip, and he's stayed up late. Letting him sleep right now and he is out like a light. A very loud snorey light :P
It's so great to have him home though.

I got bored the other day and wrapped most of the Xmas presents that we've gotten so far. I THOUGHT we had bought a lot already, but nope, we haven't. Think we have about half the list done which still leaves a bunch of people.

Erm, what else.... going to call and leave a message with my RE's office tomorrow. I don't like talking on the phone so would much prefer to leave a message heh.
Still won't be starting the provera until later in the month, but I still want to get it now.

Oh and now that I have the camera back, I'll post some more photos up of random things. YAY random things!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm booooored, but at least DH is coming home tomorrow. YAY! I'm super happy about that :D
So yeah, how about I post up some of the youtube vids on my fav list lol.
Some of them are silly and whatnot, but like I said, I'm bored so why not.

Here is one of the few videos of Marnie. the 1:06 mark just kills me with the sweetness every time.

Adorable!! (yes I have a lot of 'cute' stuff fav'd heh)

This commercial gives me chills every time I watch it on youtube.

Alrighty, this one is a bit more risque, so be warned. I'm not a Twilight fan, but I like a few Twilight parodies. Your DH's will probably like this one lol

I'll post more later :D

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yes, yes I am!!!
I am SO frickin pissed off at right now it's not even funny.

So I pre-ordered the World of Warcraft Collector's Edition from their website.
Got an email saying that it shipped, it SHIPPED on the 5th and gave a tracking number.
Fast forward to today, and the tracking number is still not working.
I've posted on their help forums, sent emails, and nada.
So I finally got fed up and called the mail service they use to ask what's going on.
And guess what, the mail service didn't even recieve ANYTHING from bestbuy until TODAY. So in reality, my order shipped TODAY and won't get here until next week. What.... the....F#CKing hell kind of gawd damn shit is that??
Not even a peep from bestbuy saying that things were delayed. That still would've pissed me off too, but at least it's giving the PAYING customer some information about what the hell is going on.
They sure as hell didn't waste any fucking time charging the credit card for the item.
UGH I'm so pissed off right now.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New experience

So before DH left, I made him take me to the Korean store to load up on all the korean goodies I wanted while he was gone.
I wanted to try my hand at making this hot squid dish that I LOVE, so I bought 2 frozen whole squids.
I'm actually having it right now and it's SO good, but UGH at having to gut and clean them out.
Just a weird experience having to pull out the guts, and seeing their shiny little eyeballs.
And the beak, UGH the beak is SO strange. When they say that squid beaks look like parrot beaks, they are NOT joking. It is the strangest thing ever.
So yeah..... weird and a bit traumitizing rofl, but worth it b/c this dish is all sorts of AWESOME.

Monday, December 6, 2010

He's such a doofus

... but I love him lol.
He called me after the Leno taping and was all excited about it. He couldn't talk long b/c the ppl he was with were hurrying him, but he said that he was one of the people that stand up front at the beginning of the show. I think he said he's sitting up front too w/ another pharmacist.
He actually had me call his mom to tell her to watch lol.
That'll be fun though and will be nice seeing him even if it is on tv lol.

On ttc news, or well, my body news. I'm passing a good bit of EW type of cm w/ my BMs. Now I get this every once in a while. There will be a small amount sometimes, but this is a lot. Just a min ago, there was a pretty good amount on the tp when I wiped.
Wouldn't it be a damn shame if I did ovulate. I know I know, it would be nice IF I did, but IF I did, of course it would be when DH is no where around..... Damn body.
I doubt it's anything other than hormonal imbalance though. I've been getting headaches like crazy which usually happens.
Good news, it seems the spotting has stopped so yay for that at least. Now if I can just get rid of the headache.


Actually surprisingly, I haven't been the walking dead so far even though I've been having to wake up early to feed the dogs and let them out.
I think my random naps help some. Past few days I've felt tired so took a nap, but today, I didn't feel tired at all.
Ate dinner, laid down to watch some tv afterwards, and I was out cold after about 30mins. Woke up about an hour later. Would've slept longer, but dogs needed to go out again.

Spotting hasn't gotten heavier thankfully. It's gone back to barely there. Actually only time I've noticed it was when I had a BM. So FX that it actually stops.

DH got to see his sister and her fiance today. Well actually yesterday. She's over there going to school for something to do with the navy and I think her fiance is gonna be shipped out on to a boat soon. Not sure about that though.
DH said he bought himself a $40 steak. Sheesh. He gets $75 a day for meals though so no cash out of his pockets.
Erm, he'll be going to a taping of the Tonight show tomorrow, well technically today (Monday).
Not sure how they're shown? I think they're filmed the day when they air? *shrugs* If so then he'll be seeing Russell Brand, etc etc. That should be fun.

Sigh, I'm BORED. World of Warcraft has been keeping me busy, but with the expansion coming out on Tuesday and me not being able to play it (mine is getting shipped so who the hell knows when I'll get it), I'll have to find something else to occupy my time.
I need to finish up the wall thing in the nursery. I've taken some progress shots, but dumbdumb me didn't get them off the camera card thing before DH left. Oh well.

And on a gross note.... I don't know how the hell something so small produces SO much FUNK. Be warned all of you folks wanting a squished faced dog, like a pug or a frenchie, or english bulldog..... they are going to fart, and fart A LOT. I dunno about the smaller variety, like pekinese (sp?), I just know that b/c of their small snouts, they swallow a lot of air when they eat, and well, that air needs to come out. Unfortunatly, it seems it likes coming out their rear.
Our dog Cid. I love him to death, but DAMN I wish I could stop the gas. It is funky and just gross and LINGERS. That's the worst part. I mean yes, the smell is gawd awful, but the worst part is when it doesn't go anywhere. It just stays there and you can't get away from it!
Thank goodness for my orange air freshener (love it!), it covers up the smell well and makes everything smell just like oranges.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Damn body!

Just passed a very small clot w/ a good amount of blood along with it. Looked like a very fresh clot too.
That seems to happen whenever I start to spot. It'll be little bit, little bit, then a small clot will pass, then it'll go back to little bit again.
Hoping that's what it does now, or better yet, just stop.

It's so frustrating though. As soon as I get off any fert meds, BLAMMO, my body goes right back to it's screwed up ways. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH

No Sleep!

OMG I couldn't sleep last night! I'm already paranoid about someone breaking in to the house with DH home, so being home alone just makes me paranoia even worse.
I didn't head to bed until about 3am. Then dosed off in to a very light sleep that I kept waking up from b/c my stomach decided then it would be an awesome time to get upset.
And then my mind starts racing and hearing every little noise.

I know our chances of getting robbed are slim. There are much nicer homes around us, AND we have 3 very noisy barky dogs. But still, fear isn't always logicial.

I'm sure as the week goes by, it'll get better and I'll actually be able to get some sleep.

I'm still spotting. Probably just the BMs but looked like there was a bit more bloody discharge. Also w/ BMs I'm getting some snotty CM. I'm not getting my hopes up that this is something since this has happened before w/ no O in site, so meh. I do have a couple of OPKs that I may use though. Not that it would really make a difference since DH isn't here, but still, would be nice to know just in case my body decides to work on its own.

He's WAY over there

He called at around hmm... 8? Saying that he landed in LA.
He left at around 9:40 this morning. House feels SO empty without him here. I hate it.
It took everything I had not to burst in to tears when he left. I swear, I act like he's going to be gone for forever.
I think this is the longest we've been apart for a long time. In the beginning of our relationship, I had to move to Alabama for a little while, but that was in the beginning and I was young and pretty stupid to be honest lol.
I did sob like crazy then though, so *shrugs*

Still spotting. It's staying the same. Just a barely there tint. Def my hormones going bonkers I think.
Erm, nothing else really going on that I can think of.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eve of the departure

As the title says, DH will be going tomorrow morning. Sigh. I'm already worrying lol. I really hate flying, and him having such a long flight is UGH stressing me.
I know people fly every day with no problems, but that is not comforting to me at all.

On another note.... I'm having a little bit of spotting. Not sure what's going on, but I'm thinking it's just mid-cycle, screwy hormones causing it. It's not a lot, just a teeny little bit. Hope it doesn't get any heavier.
Erm what else... really nothing going on with the whole TTC thing. I think it was my bowels, maybe pressing up against my ovary or something that was causing the twinging and cramping I felt before. I felt it again slightly the other night, and then a little while later had a BM so *shrugs* maybe.

OO and I got both of DH's Xmas presents today. YAY! I spent a good chunk of money so he's only getting 2 things from me lol.
Both are Fossil brand. I got him a watch and a wallet. Both which he needs.
My mom bought him a watch after he graduated college, and it ended up breaking (well the battery is dead), about a year ago. He's never really replaced it, so I got him a nice one.
I hope he likes it. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's a super nice looking watch in person heh.

And he's had his wallet for forever as well. I actually don't remember the last time he's changed it. He's been wanting to get a new one, but just hasn't found one he likes. He likes a particular style, so that's what I tried sticking with.
Er well, that's not exactly it but close enough lol. Too lazy right now to find the right photo hehe.

He hasn't left yet, but I already can't wait for him to get back home in to my arms.