Saturday, August 4, 2012

What? A new post??

Alrighty, since this little lady is about to make her appearance in to this world very soon....
Just wanted to say that I'll be posting on this blog once again.
Yes there will be a TON of baby talk and baby photos posted here. So if you're not in a place emotionally to view or read those sorts of posts, then this is your warning about it. Just don't want anyone to feel like they've been caught offguard by the incoming onslaught of baby shit.

Figured this would be a good place to post again since we will be trying for another LO not too long after this little lady is born. Not right away or anything, but just not long and it will be interesting (for me at least) to see what my body does, doesn't do, weight gain etc etc.

Yep, that's it for now!! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Ok so this post is going to be a bit... revealing :P

Why the hell is pubic hair so damn clingy??
I haven't trimmed the hedges for a while so did that today before taking a shower.
Hopped in to the shower after I was done and THOUGHT I cleaned off all of the stray cut hairs down there, but NOPE.
Just used the bathroom and hair all over the frickin tp. WTH?

I just don't understand why these particular hairs just love to grab on and not let go to whatever surface they happen upon!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Former infertiles

A subject was brought up in one of the forums that I go to.. and it just made me realize... I think sometimes.. former infertiles can be the most insensitive bunch.
I really hope I don't end up as one.

Let me clarify.

It just seems like SOME of them just completely forget what they went through. OR they remember, but feel the need to for some reason belittle others still struggling that are going through difficult and negative emotions.

For instance in this thread... it was started by someone who struggled and was upset when a friend who was still struggling deleted her FB account b/c she didn't want to see pregnancy announcements and whatnot any longer.
This former infertile just could not wrap her mind around it b/c SHE never did it when SHE was struggling herself.

And another who is all butthurt b/c a friend distanced herself from her when she got pregnant. And how it's SO rude b/c SHE never did that when SHE was struggling.

I mean... really?? Come on. It's great that they didn't do whatever, but to rant about someone else that does? I can understand being hurt by it if it's a friend or family member. No one wants to lose touch with someone, but to just plain not understand WHY just completely baffles me, especially when they KNOW how hard it is.

I hope that makes sense.

We all have to do what feels right to us. If it's putting on a happy face when you're hurting inside, then do it. If it's distancing yourself, do it. Who is to say what is right and wrong in such a situation, and I would've thought that people who struggled themselves would understand that, but I guess not.

WHEW! Crisis averted

So I talked to DH last night and thank goodness. He cleared it up a bit.
Just mentioned that they watched something on the Illuminati and he was just mentioning it to me. He has his own beliefs in it all (which is more of an interest and what if), but he's not one that believes all of the extra crazy stuff about it, like that Lady Gaga, Beyonce or whoever is part of it all etc etc.
Thank goodness!!! lol

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Conspiracy Theories p2

Ok.... I looked up a few things on the Illuminati thing. And while interesting... holy shit it is so full of crap it's not even funny.
I mean come on.... these illuminati conspiracy theorists think they're using Lady Gaga as some sort of subliminal messenger to get their Satanic mesage out there. WTF??
And of course this is all posted by a religious bunch who think the Illuminati are a bunch of satanists.
And just to be clear before anyone gets offended.... I am NOT attacking religion at all. The majority of people that are religious are good level headed folks....
These conspiracy nuts ARE NOT.
I mean just seeing symobolism where there isn't any.
Like the Lady Gaga thing about how her name is easy to say so that has to mean something. A photo of her wearing an outfit that has butterflies on it... THAT means something.
Or some logo with a lightning bolt going through her on it also means something too.
I love reading conspiracy stuff, but you just have to draw the line somewhere, ya know? Some people just take this crap WAY too far in to crazytown.

And lets say for arguement's sake that there is this secret society that wants to take over the world, they're all Devil worshipers and they're putting subliminal messages in shit.
Ya know what? It's not fucking working so why should anyone give a shit.
Me seeing Lady Gaga wearing butterflies or a lightning bolt, or covering an eye isn't going to cause me to suddenly become a devil worshiper that goes out and kills babies and I'm pretty sure it's not going to for the rest of the SANE population.

UGH, I'm seriously going to have to smack some sense back in to DH.

Conspiracy Theories

Anyone know someone that is in to all of that stuff?
I admit that the little that I've read or heard sounds interesting and it's fun to read about, but I wouldn't say I'm way in to it or anything.

Well.. apparently DH's friends that he hangs out with on Weds are REALLY in to all of this crap and they're starting to get DH in to it as well.
Now I don't mind it at all, if he wants to believe in whatever, then that's fine, but geezus! They are really REALLY in to all of it.
They are convinced that within 5 years that society as we know it will be gone.. and turned to chaos. Just think of what happened in the movie Contagion... and that's what they expect to happen x10.
Just the complete fall of our government, social order, everything.
It's pretty scary to think about.
I think DH wants to start stock piling supplies. I'm actually totally fine with that, I think everyone should in case of any kind of emergency... but I just hope he doesn't become as paranoid as his friends.

Like last night, I jokingly asked him when he got home if they started talking about conspiracy stuff again.
He just laughed it off as he got ready for bed. Then... he started going on about the Illuminati and how they're using famous folk to get their Satanic messages across or some shit. Uh... WTF? I know he got all of that crap from his friends, but hearing it coming from his mouth was a bit of a shock. I'm gonna have to read in to it so I can talk some sense in to his head rofl.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stupid ass drivers!!!

I've been in such a pissy mood lately and I MUST rant about this.

I don't drive often (thank goodness. Have you seen gas prices lately? YIKES).... but when I do, there is at least 1 terrible driver out there that just seems to always be right in front of you just to ruin your mood.

Oh, there was that person today.
Some asshat in a pickup truck going 40..... FORTY on the highway where the speed limit is 60. And 40 was the fastest this douchenozzle went... he actually got down to frickin 30mph at one point. Why??? I have no fucking idea. His truck looked pretty new and in good shape. The weather was gorgeous out. Not a lot of traffic, but this dipshit still figured it would be a good idea to get on the damn highway and go 20 under the speed limit.
What... the... fuck!!!
If you don't want to go fast... take the damn back roads you MORON or how about learning how to fucking drive??

And UGH, I actually dread when I have to go out at around 10am. That's when all of the old ass drivers come out and most can't drive for shit too! Most are slow as hell and lookie-loos that want to look at every damn thing except for the road in front of them.

OR how about the death on wheels bunch. Ya know, the idiots you see with their iphones up to their faces so they can read a text or text back to someone... not paying attention to the road and swirving all over the place.
Yeah, that's always fun to come across... especially when they're swirving in to your lane as you try to safely pass their dumbass.
I really frickin wish they would make that shit illegal here already. I get SO pissed off when I see that b/c they could end up killing someone b/c they're too stupid and impatient to get off their damn phone for a second.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Totally random

I have nothing to say really lol. My brain has just been mush lately when it comes to actually thinking of anything worthwhile to say :P
So.. in light of that.. here are some photos I took yesterday! YAY!
They're nothing spectacular or even all that interesting lol.

The sunroom. YAY! It actually doesn't get a lot of direct sun which kinda sucks, but I still love it. I can't wait until we get some more money (whenever that is) so we can get some sort of chair or something to put in there.
We just recently moved a lot of it around. Like the thing in front of the fireplace was in the nursery. We never use the fireplace (it's gas, not a real one).. so figured why not put something in front of it.
And the 2 big palms we bought on clearance at Walmart :D

A lot of the plants on the right will be planted outside, so things will look different once it gets warmer and DH figures out where to put everything heh.

OO had to show 2 more deals we got at Walmart. Bought the 2 smaller plants for a dollar a piece. WOO! Obviously by the look of the containers they're in, they're from Valentine's day. Still healthy looking and come on.. a dollar is an awesome deal. Going to transfer these to larger pots once we get some potting soil.

Next up... Cid!! My spoiled adorable Frenchie mix :D
He was all snuggled up by DH last night and just looking WAY too cute not to get a photo of.

Love my pup so much :D

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fat was my infertility

I hate to admit this, but I NOW do think that me being overweight was causing my infertility problem.
Not saying it's the ONLY thing... I do still have PCOS... and I think my cycles would still be pretty screwy even if I did lose more weight just b/c that's the way they were when I was younger and thinner, BUT what happened when I lost weight finally. I started ovulating on my own.

DH was totally right (and I'm gonna have to hear about it for forever!). He first said to me.. maybe I should lose weight before we tried any kind of treatment. He didn't say it in an ugly way or anything, but come on... who wants to hear that? I sure as heck didn't. I was already 30yo and was ready to start those meds and whatever else to get my baby before I even thought about losing weight.
Fat people know they're fat... but there is that denial about HOW fat we really are sometimes and to have someone suggest that we need to lose weight... you just don't want to hear it... ya know? We don't want those reminders.
Well, that's at least how it was for me.

Not saying losing weight is some magic cure for every overweight infertile woman, but maybe, just MAYBE losing weight could help too.

MIA from here at least

I'm sorry I don't update this blog more often now. I haven't abandoned it... I just don't have an interesting life so can't really update this part lol. Well, not unless you want to hear about cat shit which... hell, who does.

I'll try to think of more things to post though *nodnod*