Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maybe the left isn't so lazy

Been getting some twinges and aches in both ovaries. Had some today in the left, OR it could be bowel. So hard to tell.

Dinner tonight was Paleo Spaghetti, yum yum.
First time eating a spaghetti squash. Cut it open and was afraid it was going to taste like pumpkin again, but thankfully it doesn't.
Spaghetti squash was cut in half, seeds taken out and then baked cut side down on a cookie sheet at 350F for 50mins. Could've used a little longer but we were hungry :P
Took the tongs and it shreds pretty much by itself.

The sauce was hot italian sausage links made fresh by the meat department in the store. Also added 1 onion, 1 zucchini, 4 crushed garlic, 3tbs of tomato paste, 2 cans of diced tomato, white vinegar, salt, black pepper, and oregano. Let this simmer until the squash was done. VERY tasty. Was afraid it was going to be bland, but I think the sausage really helped with the flavor.

Was so glad this turned out well b/c spaghetti used to be a regular food item for us and now it can be again :D

And we're going to be cheating tomorrow. lol I'm actually kind of hesitating to do it. It's not like I'm going to go back to my old ways or anything. I just don't want to do any damage.
We've already decided to cheat for dinner on Saturday. That's when we're headed to Longhorn for whatever, and that awesome chocolate cake dessert they have.
Hoping that our cheats will just be limited to Friday dinners and MAYBE Saturday dinners whenever I don't feel like cooking going to really try not to make this a too often occurance.

Well, thankfully...

RE's office has a follistim I can have. Well "borrow".
Nurse called and didn't know why I didn't have a refill available b/c they told the pharm that I was supposed to so *shrugs* Guess there's been a communication problem.
We're heading over there as soon as DH is finished painting. Yes I know, I have my license now, I could've just gone there by myself. Well tough dooky, I don't feel like it! lol

In other news..... DH's uncle wants me to do artwork for him for his Haunted trail this year. UUUUUUGH.
I don't do well under pressure! Plus I have NO idea what to do. Artwork for haunted trails need to look certain ways and I dunno if I can do it. SIGH.
I have the beginning of ONE idea........ and it's not even a great one. BLEH!
Oh well, I'm just gonna have to do a lot of research in to this and see what some good trails have up. Get ideas and such.
He has another artist doing more morbid stuff, and wants me to do more whimsical/scary/funny kind of things.
Anyone have any ideas? :P

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sigh... damnit doc!

They forgot to call in my follistim refill! Grrrr.
I hope they have some in their office b/c if not, we're screwed for tomorrow.
We MAY have enough for tomorrow's injection but I doubt it.
Called the pharmacy when we hadn't gotten a call from them and they said NOPE, no call from the doc.

Anywho, in other news.... here's dinner tonight!
It's kimchi soup w/ squid.

The squid was bought from the Korean store. I HATE gutting them. Just so used to having my meat already cut up.. just weird when you see them whole, ya know?

Whole and frozen thawing out in the sink
Sliced up in the pan

I usually fix my kimchi soup with chicken broth but don't have any so just used some water and a little extra sea salt. Yum yum! The tentacles freak people out, but it just looks good to me! hehe


Sorry, having a Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure moment there.

So my E2 came back as.... yep you guessed it. 69.
I guess it's good that it actually went up so yay for that. RE upping my dose of follistim to 175 and go back in on Friday for another E2 check. I'm sure Sunday will be my first ultrasound. At least hopefully I'll be triggering next week so woo!

In diet news... I don't think I'm going to be losing any weight this week. Maybe I'll even gain. I hope not, but just have a feeling that's how it's going to turn out. I don't think it means anything bad though, but will still suck to see the scale not move or move in the wrong direction.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Come on Follicles!

Give momma a good E2 tomorrow! Never thought I'd want to actually get dildocam'd!
It would mean that something was growing though and moving along.

Anywho.... dinner tonight was some sauted stir fry veggies and grilled spicy butterfly boneless pork chop.
Veggies were zucchini, broccoli, onions sauted in some coconut oil, then cooked with some of the tamari soy sauce and spinkled with sesame seeds.
Pork was marinated for only about 2hrs in some of that Thai hot chili sauce, crushed garlic, and tamari soy sauce. DH grilled it on our cheap charcoal grill. yum yum :D
The pork is AWESOME on a bun w/ some mayo. If you're still eating those things then I highly recommend it if you enjoy garlicy spicy food :D

Get off the road!

Because I am once again a licensed driver! lol
FINALLY got it again. Should've never let my first one expire but oh well. Test was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Thankfully that area isn't really busy so not a lot of cars.
And my parallel parking wasn't that bad. I didn't hit the curb woot, and I didn't hit the wooden things so woot for that too heh. I was a bit far from the curb, but the instructer didn't seem to give a flip.
So YAY for getting that out of the way finally. Means that the days when DH absolutely can't take me to an appointment.. I have to drive myself. BLEH. Morning traffic there is AWFUL and I like having DH with me.
Been feeling some aching/cramping in the right O area. Not sure if it is, but pretty sure. My right ovary seems to be the one that I always get follicles from. I've gotten some from the left before so I know it works lol
Oh well... so long as it gives me some nice healthy ones this time that will stick :D
Ok this is going to be some serious TMI.... and I mean WAY TMI, but I think I need to mention it.
I think our new diet is helping with DH's sperm production. Now of course I have no real way of knowing, but we DTD yesterday and well... there was A LOT afterwards EVERYWHERE (bleh). lol That's def not normal. I mean there will be some leakage but that's about it. It's not like he's been saving it up this entire time. He's a guy, he does what all guys do once they find out they can play with it, while I'm on AF. So yeah.... I think this may be helping. We'll see next time we BD... hopefully he is producing more. Don't give these eggs a chance to escape! lol

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fat Head on HULU

OOOOO Someone posted a link to the documentary Fat Head on HULU

Goooooooo watch it!!!! lol

Here is a speech he did that covers what he talks about in the documentary. Well, the good stuff heh with a little extra science in there.

Seriously.... watch it and make anyone who has insulin resistance or diabetes watch it. Make anyone who is trying to lose weight watch it. Get the word out folks!! It's not a miracle cure all, it's not a promise of making one skinny instantly, it's getting the word out on WHY we're getting fat and what is causing it.
Wonder why your low fat diet isn't working? WATCH IT. Wonder why all of those supposedly good whole grains aren't making you any healthier? WATCH IT.
Yes, I am going to keep mentioning it b/c I want more people to learn about it. To get rid of all of the bad CRAP we're putting in to our bodies. To hopefully help one more person out there who has tried everything except for this maybe.

Ok so... it's not that bad

So the coconut milk concoction is actually starting to turn in to icecream I think. It didn't do what the recipe said (turn in to a thick custard on the double boiler), but it is hardening nicely in the freezer.
The texture of it is a bit weird. You can def tell there is a lot of fat in it b/c it coats your mouth when you eat it. It also has a very different flavor. Can't really put my finger on what exactly though. First bite, your a bit.. meh... 2nd and third bite you want some more hehe.

I need to chill on all of the sugar I'm having though. Been going a bit crazy for the past 2 days. I mean nowhere near the amount I was having pre-paleo eating, but still too much IMO. It has probably only been the same as eating a serving of fruit, but I'd rather have some fruit than a brownie or ice cream right now b/c with those, I can only have a tiny amount before I feel guilty for eating them and with fruit, well a serving is filling and I don't feel bad for eating it.
And I think the jerky is an overeat trigger for me. I could seriously go in to the kitchen right now and polish off the rest of it lol.

Mmmmm Jerky.....

So, I almost forgot to take photos of dinner tonight lol. Sat down getting ready to chow down. Took a bite of salad and remembered finally :P

Tonight, we had a salad. Romaine lettuce, kale (new fav food), grape tomatoes. I found a paleo honey mustard dressing for DH to try out. He thought it was ok.
I had my usual olive oil and balsamic. I used some garlic salt with it as well (trying to cut down on the jalapenos).

For the main dish, I made a crockpot pot roast. Not sure what kind of meat this is lol.
No real measurements of anything. Put in some baby carrots, sliced mushrooms, and about 4 stalks of chopped up celery. Seasoning, celery seed, garlic powder, black pepper, salt and about 1/2 cup of chicken stock I had left over.
Started cooking it at around 6am this morning, so it's been cooking on low for 11hrs.
I thought it was missing something. Maybe needed a little more saltiness for my liking, or wish the juices with it were a bit thicker like a gravy. It wasn't bad or anything, just IMO needed something else to complete the flavor. DH really liked it though. OO and in the photo you can see my dinner pills lol. There's metformin, royal jelly, evening primrose oil and fish oil :D

And I also put the jerky on the dehydrator today. I marinaded them 2 different ways. Both paleo style of course.
One is I guess a more traditional just regular spices type, and the other is a teriyaki.

Teriyaki recipe. I thought the lemon and lime flavor overpowered everything else. Just too much of it. I added some honey to it to try to make it more of a traditional flavor. It's not bad jerkified though.

And here's the other marinade. Scroll down a little to Tom Reyes post. I used a different seasoning salt and a little less of it, but this is the one I like.

And a photo of the jerky so far. Some of the thicker slices are still on the dehydrator. We've already skarfed down a good portion of it though lol.


Anyone see this movie? It's not for everyone. It's a bit low-brow humor, and being me, I thought it was hilarious :P lol
It kind of hit home what all Infertiles find infuriating.
All of the idiots have tons of kids, while the rest of us can't. And in the movie, 500years in to the future, the world is filled with nothing but idiots :P
Anywho, just thought I would mention it.

In other news... coconut milk ice cream # 2 is a bust! BOOOO.
No idea what the heck I'm doing wrong. I follow the directions exactly, and still nothing.
I know the coconut milk I used this time was full fat.
It's this brand
When you put the coconut milk in to the fridge for a couple of days, the fat and water seperates. This is what I did with this one and most of it was fat with just a little bit of thick water at the bottom.


And still..... no icecream! Grrrr, stupid recipe!

EDIT: Alrighty, so after a little bit in the freezer, the ice cream (if you want to call it that) is starting to look a bit better. More like a soft serve kind of thing going on. Not sure if I really like the taste of it but DH seems to like it.

BLEH body!

Just got a call back from RE's office. My E2 only came back a 36. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
RE is keeping me on 150 for some reason though which pisses me off, but whatever, not even going to argue with it. He's been doing this a lot longer so even though it's frustrating, I'm sure he knows what he's doing.

AF did finally leave yesterday, so yay for that.

And going to try to make some coconut milk ice cream again :P Have a can of full fat coconut milk so it should work this time.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Dinner tonight was a paleo Jambalaya
It looks gross, but it tastes just like a cajun dish so I guess that's a success lol. DH doesn't like cajun or seafood very much, plus he didn't like the consistancy the cauliflour added so I have lots and lots of leftovers.
Here's the recipe

Also I made some Paleo Brownie Bites for dessert
I used the coconut crystals instead of dextrose.

Not exactly pretty either, but they were pretty tasty. Not exactly like a real flour brownie, but good enough heh. I can't have many of them though so these are mainly for DH to munch on.

Boy I suck... parallel parking! DH is determined to take me to get my license finally. We went and practiced parallel parking. I can get in to the spot, MOST of the time, but I'm all far away from the curb. I know he was getting frustrated but what the hell does he expect. I haven't driven in over 10 damn years and even before that, I parallel parked a total of ONE time and that was for my driving test!
Just annoying having someone there that is supposed to be helping but all they're doing is getting frustrated at you for messing up....from the directions they're giving :\

Anywho... I'm not even worried about it. So what if I can't frickin parallel park. This isn't exactly a large city we live in and downtown, most of the parking spots are regular spots anyway so I'm probably once again, never going to need this skill.

As for the fasting.... it's gone ok. I did start to get hungry but think it was just b/c I was thinking about fasting :P
We also went and got some meat for jerky. A bottom round roast that we got the butcher folks to cut up for us.
Also Bi-Lo was having a sale on strawberries. For a HUGE 2lb container, it was only $3. Couldn't pass that up.

Intermittent Fasting

Trying it out today. I'm still feeling guilty about eating so much jerky last night so decided to skip breakfast and lunch today.
Here's an article that explains what it involves exactly.

It's just 2 meals so not a big deal.

Going to make jambalaya tonight along with some brownie bites. YUM! Just hope they're both as good as they sound and I will def remember to take photos this time! lol

Grocery shopping today was UGH so expensive! We shouldn't be buying any more meat for a while, but whenever we go, there's always something new that I want so we just end up buying more :P lol Oh well, it's all gonna get eaten so not like it's going to waste.
We still need to buy some beef though to make more jerky. Kroger didn't have a very good selection. All of it was too fatty. Great for roasts but not so much for jerky.

AF is almost gone. Just here and there when I use the bathroom but yeah... pretty much outta here. WOO!

Excited about my blood test tomorrow. Really hope my E2 levels are nice and up there showing that I have some follicles responding. Can't really tell right now. I think I MAY feel some pressure when I lay on my stomach but that could be bowel too.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

First batch

Of beef jerky... bust with DH. He doesn't like the beef flavor. So going to make a marinade for the next one that hopefully he'll enjoy.
The dehydrator def works though. I'm pretty sure I WAY over cooked everything, but oh well.
I ended up eating ALL of the jerky made lol... yeah seriously. SIGH. I know it's not as bad as eating some carby stuff, but I still feel guilty for eating it lol.
Oh well. Too late now!

In other news, started on 2nd vial of follistim! I really hope Monday's bloodwork comes up good.

Exercise.... eh...

I did exercise a little today. DH did, and I joined him. I still don't like exercising in front of him though.
I was going to try out some of the strength stuff but that didn't happen. I'm just too heavy and weak to do any kind of pullup right now.
I did do a few wall pushups though and ended up doing 15min on the eliptical and 15 on the treadmill.
I did wear my toe shoes as well and everything was ok. The toe hurt for a little bit but got used to it after a while and the achilles areas were ok after the first few minutes as well, so yay for that :D
While on the treadmill I tried to engage the abs a bit. Drawing in the bellybutton (basically sucking in) and worked that out some. I also did a few squats but wasn't really up to doing them.

And I know, I keep forgetting to take photos of the meals! It hasn't been anything spectacular though so not missing much lol. I'll try to remember to take the photos though :)

Here are some of the dehydrator in action! lol MAN is it LOUD. You get kind of used to it though, but yeah, just be warned if you're thinking about purchasing one. At least the one we have is noisy.
I can't remember what kind of meat this is... it was already cut thin and DH wanted it so yeah...
I just added some freshly ground black pepper and salt. Kind of pounded it in to the meat with a spoon and put it in the fridge overnight.
We'll get a bit more creative with flavors once we get some more meat to work with.


Forgot to mention how AF is going. Looks like I won't be blessed with a shorter AF. Boooo lol
Not unless it just stops all of a sudden which pfft, isn't gonna happen.
It's about a light/medium right now.

This AF in general has been pretty mild. Not nearly as many clots as I usually get and def not as heavy. The 2 days I marked as heavy was only reflecting on what was coming out when I used the bathroom. Maybe it's the baby aspirin that I've been taking, or the inositol, or the diet, weightloss, who knows.

Weigh In!

So DH and I both weighed in this morning.
He's at 223 even. That is down almost 3lbs from last week (225.8).
YAY! So proud of him. I know he likes seeing that number going down although I'm sure he wishes it would be more. But his measurements are definitetly going down down down.
Here are they from 2 weeks ago, then today.

DH's Measurements

Chest:                                     45,        45
Waist:                                     44.5,     43
R Upper Arm:                         15.25,   15
L Upper Arm:                         15.75,   14.75
R Upper Arm Flexed:             16.25,    16.25
L Upper Arm Flexed:             16,         16
Hips:                                      46,         43.75
R Thigh:                                 25.5,      24.5
L Thigh:                                 25.5,      24.5

Total                                     249.75 - 242.75 = 7 inches lost in 2 weeks.

Pretty darn impressive :D
I love his arm measurements. Smaller unflexed, but the same flexed which means he's gaining more muscle. YAY DH!

And for my own.
It's not as dramatic but oh well lol. Don't expect it to be since I'm not exercising.

My Measurements

Weight:                                207,      204

Bust:                                    43,        42.25
Underbust:                           37.5,     37.5
Above Bellybutton:              40.25,    39.5
Waist:                                  38.75,    38
Pooch:                                 44,         43.5
Hips:                                   44.5,      43.25
R Thigh:                              25.75,    26
L Thigh:                              25.75,    26.5
R Upper Arm:                     17,         17
L Upper Arm:                     16,         16.5

Total:                                 332.75-   330 = 2.75 Lost in 2 weeks

Lol man, that kinda makes me feel bad, but meh. I know some of the measurements aren't exactly where I took them before. At least I hope not! lol.
It still shows that the diet works though. Even if the inches aren't flying off of me, it's still doing something and saturated fats are NOT the devil as we've all been taught.
Going to try to do some strength stuff today. The beginner moves of course heh.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Finally! Sheesh!

Finally got the rest of my order. I'm sorry but taking this long to mail something in the US to another US state is just ridiculous. In this day and age, it should not take this long to deliver anything.
Anyways, enough complaining, time for some sharing!!

I got the almond flour first and wow... 5lbs is a lot! lol This is def going to last us.. or at least it better :P heh
Also pictured is the dehydrator we bought from WallyWorld. We're either going out tonight after dinner or tomorrow to buy some meat so we can have jerky for next week. YAY :D

Just recieved the next 2. The coconut flour and the coconut cream. I have no idea why I even bought the cream. It sounded good and it was buy one get one free :P
The cream is abou 70% coconut oil so it hardens when it gets cold. There's like an inch thick top layer on it that's different colored from the rest of it. I think it's the oil. Will wait for it to get a bit warmer and softer before tasting it.

And the 2 2.2lb bags of flour. OOO I can't wait to make something!!!
There's a brownie recipe on the back of the bags.... NM that it needs brown sugar or anything, grrr.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Anxious for some reason.
Sitting on the couch watching Private Practice, and just all of a sudden I'm slightly panicky and I don't know why. Very strange.
Still wondering if there was something but nope... can't think of anything. Maybe it's just my subconsious dreading dinner tomorrow lol.
And speaking of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy, why is EVERYTHING about frickin pregnancy?? GEEZE.
Should be getting both of my flours tomorrow! WOO! With the disaster pancakes though, I'm not getting too excited that whatever I make will come out edible heh.

Speaking of food, we bought a dehydrater so we can make some beef jerky! YUM! Now just to find some meat. So excited to use my new toy! lol
I don't Facebook. Just can't get in to social networking other than blogs. For some reason it's just not for me.
Anywho, DH on the other hand is kind of getting in to it more and he did something that I had to log in to accept.
So I log in and get curious. Try to look up an old high school friend, didn't find her. Searched for her brother, didn't think I found him... that is until I spotted someone that I thought looked kind of like him. Clicked on him, and yep, it was and there was the old friend on his list.

Anywho..... after I friended her and she accepted, just being nosy and going through her friends list and see a few names I recognize from high school.
Click on them and MAN this is going to be bitchy, but got some hellava great satisfaction to see that some of them were fat. LOL
I was considered the fat one in school and in my teens. I was only something like 140-150 when I was 16 and 17, but that was still bigger than all of my other friends. I could never join in on swapping clothes or anything like that and they all could lose weight SO frickin easily, so yeah.... damnit... I did get happy to see that I'm not the only fat one or the biggest now!
Sigh... good times good times.

2 shots down

... and however many to go!  Who knew it would feel so great being a pin cushion again. YAY!
Bleh for breaking TWO nails today though! UGH. Thankfully neither is painful, but one of them is all sensitive and I hate that feeling lol.

Photos & some whining

Photos first!
Just took these of some of the garden things and the flowers up front.
Planted the buds for the flowers the first spring in this house and they've been coming bigger and better every year since :)
There are some Hollyhocks that are still just the leaves, but they're SO gorgeous once they bloom. I'll def get photos of that when it happens (won't be for a while though).
Smells SO good

And the gardens in the back :D
A tiny little cucumber. Only have 2 that have popped up so far. Those other tiny little plants are probably from the seeds in the bird feeders :P

My spearmint. It's growing like crazy now. There's also a teeny little bit of peppermint in there as well that DH's aunt gave me.

And finally, strawberries! YAY!
Lots of plants so hopefully we'll get lots of strawberries!
We already have a few that are coming in. Still green and small of course, but they're gonna be DELISH once ripe!


Now for the whining part. My dang achilles tendons hurt! Put on my vibrams and OUUUUUUCH. I don't want to scare people off from getting toe shoes by reading my experience lol. I'm a unique case b/c as I've mentioned, I wear nothing but flipflops and clogs so my achilles tendons are not used to any pressure or anything rubbing on them. I'm sure everyone else would be just fine wearing these shoes.

I'm fine now, but I'm not going to be able to wear those shoes for at least another day. I gotta keep trying to get my body used to it though.

Interesting article about male fertility

Yes, it's from the website Mark's Daily Apple lol
Some interesting information and interesting discussion in the comments as well.

Lunch today was left over stew from the other day w/ a few added pickled jalapeno. I need to stop eating them but I can't help it! They taste so goooood.
Doesn't help that yesterday I bought a tiny little jalapeno plant and planted it today in the garden :P
Love cooking with jalapeno and fresh ones cooked aren't spicy so hoping that will be ok.
Also bought a small pot w/ 3 zucchini plants in it. Didn't have luck with that last year for some reason, but hopefully this year will be better.

I'll get a few photos of the garden a little later for the hell of it :D


So excited to start trying again today! It seriously feels like it has been forever since we tried.
But I'm feeling great, losing weight and I'm just so ready. I have SO much hope for this cycle. I will def be very devastated if nothing or even a m/c again. UGH I dunno what I would do if I had another m/c.

Going to try not to stress about it though. I always stress so much in the TWW... not sure what to do to stop that. I don't work so I'm home all day by myself. AND I don't drive so yeah.. nothing to do but think about everything.
Well DH is taking me to get my license next week. BLEH lol. But even still, I'm not going to be driving unless I have to.

Forgot to mention that I made nut butter banana pancakes for lunch yesterday. Well, not really pancakes, it turned more in to a mushy oatmeal type of thing. Just tasted like cooked bananas so it really wasn't anything special.
NO idea how anyone could make these things look like actual pancakes though. They're SO delicate and fall apart at the slightest.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My feet def need to get used to being in those shoes. My right foot is ok for the most part except for the achilles and the shoe rubbing up against it... but my left foot. Apparently I never use the toe by the little toe b/c that toe is HURTING w/ the toe shoes lol. In shock that it is finally being used I guess :P lol
The rubbing on the back of my foot is awful though. SIGH. Price I pay for not wearing regular shoes.
Poor poor tender feet.

Dinner tonight was Texas Roadhouse. After me whining about not wanting to cook, and we had to pick our car up around dinner time anyway, it wasn't that hard to convince DH to go out lol.
I kept pretty close to the diet. Not sure what they put on the steamed veggies (which was just broccoli and baby carrots). Hoping it was just some regular butter and not margarine.
DH cheated just a little and got their Italian dressing and cheese, but he really doesn't have a dairy problem so not a big deal.
My ribeye was good though and I tore it up! lol

AF is being very strange this time. Not much actually coming out throughout the day. I mean I'll get gushes here and there, but not like I usually get. It seems most of it is coming out when I use the bathroom.
I know I know, lovely, but oh well.
Not complaining though. Nice not worrying if I'm leaking or not :P lol

YAY toe shoes & YAY ovaries!!

Or well, more like OUCH toe shoes right now :P
I did get a pair today.
They're def going to take some getting used to. Just feels weird walking in them. You get used to the feeling of the fabric in between your toes pretty quickly though, but walking in them is different. It started to hurt one of my toes. not sure if that's normal but whatever. Going to wear them around the house for a while every day to get my feet accustomed to them better.
DH also spoiled me and got me some flipflops as well. I'm perfectly fine with cheapo flipflops but he insisted I get them so I'm not gonna argue :P
They're super comfy. I think they're supposed to or actually are made from yoga mat material? *shrugs*

I'm really not a shoe girl. I'm perfectly fine with my cheap shoes, but doesn't hurt to treat yourself every once in a while heh.
And I had my baseline today. It's all good and we're a go on injections for tomorrow :D I'm starting off at 150u of follistim. I knew it was just going to be 150 but I'll take it. Maybe I'll respond to it better.
Nurse had trouble finding the left ovary as usual but the right one showed up nice and clear. Lots of little follicles.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dinner tonight was just meh. Salad was good, but it's difficult to mess that up lol.
I made stuffed peppers for the first time. Got the expensive orange colored bell pepper. No idea why lol.
I didn't season the beef correctly or something so it was a bit bland. Oh well.
They can't all be homeruns :D

I got a few of the items I ordered. The coconut crystals and coconut nectar. No idea WHEN I'll use them, but nice to have them on hand at least. They were expensive as hell though, so these better last quite a while.
Should be getting the coconut flour tomorrow. At least I hope so.

AF is being a bit strange. It's usually heavy the first day, but not much making it to pad. I guess it's a medium flow right now. I'm sure it will pick up. Just hope it doesn't decide to stick around for longer than usual.

GAH! I hate my body!

Hope that feeling one day will be changed to I love my body, but sure as hell isn't right now!
I feel like an old woman.
My left calf has started to act up now.... awesome :\ Whenever I flex it, it always feels like it's on the verge of charlie horsing.
I think by tomorrow I should be ok to exercise. I will if DH does. OOO hopefully with some new toe shoes! hehe
AF is not being kind to me right now. Backache, bloating along with a headache earlier that would've been a doozy if I hadn't taken anything for it.

Lunch, not very hungry and didn't want to heat up the soup. Just made myself a small salad.
Baby spinach, 2 hard boiled eggs, cauliflower, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, & olive oil. Vinegar on the yolk looks so gross :P lol

Why is she still eating green beans?

Yes, legumes are off limits on the paleo diet, and yes green beans are legumes, but here is a good article that explains why green beans are allowed and briefly goes over why other beans are not good for us.

And here she is!

For once not ruining someone's mood :P
A full day ahead of schedule and I could not be happier about it!!
I was afraid that it was going to lag a bit b/c even though it got slightly heavier last night, it was lightening up by the time I went to bed.
I didn't feel anything when I woke up so I figured nothing yet.
So got up to let the dogs out but first clean out some doggy ears, and WHOOSH.... there she was! I gasped and then Yay'd like a dork :P lol
So happy that we could be starting again on Thursday!!! I really hope the doc starts me on a much higher dose. I don't seem to respond at all until my dose is at least 175, so why not just start me there ya know?
I doubt he will though. He'll probably start me at 150. Whatever, better than nothing :D Hoping that with the improved diet and the weight coming off that I'll respond a lot better to the meds so I won't have to spend 2 weeks being a pin cushion!
I have my baseline tomorrow morning at 10 *happy dance*

I'm still a bit sore so probably won't do anything today either. I think AF is making the soreness stick around a bit longer, and come to think of it, AF may have been the poo trigger too.

A bit bloated feeling down there. I've been peeing a lot though. Woke up 3 times to go last night, NM the 2 times I went before I fell asleep.

Breakfast today was non sugar cured bacon and scrambled eggs. Same as yesterday. I haven't been taking any photos b/c I figured everyone knows what that looks like... plus I'm still half asleep so I forget most of the time :P

Monday, March 21, 2011

Yep... something is def different this time.

This is def AF starting.
It's not a flow yet, but it's reaching a pad and just more discharge coming out. It's still a brown color, but I know it'll pick up tomorrow. I'll call the RE tomorrow as well and schedule the baseline for Weds. YAY! Hopefully will mean I get to start injections on Thursday! WOO!

One more food item for tonight. Marinated some boneless skinless chicken thighs in 2 different seasoning.
3 had a dry jerk rub (didn't have any lime juice, booo), and then 2 were mrinated in Chinese 5 Spice and some of the gluten free soy sauce. Not really supposed to have SOY but oh well. It's only a little bit.
DH grilled them up and he'll be having them for a few of his lunches. I'll probably steal one of the jerk ones heh.

Speaking of things that trigger it...

Here's tonight's dinner! lol
It follows this recipe
except that I made it a bit more paleo friendly. No bouillon cubes, no corn, no chili beans and no sour cream. Oh and I added quite a bit more seasoning (except for the chili powder) and salt (sea salt) to make up for not using bouillon. Apparently there are gluten free bouillon. Going to have to look that up.

Made mine w/ 2 bone in chicken breasts. Also used up the rest of the Swanson chicken stock I had left. It has added sugar, but only just a little bit so figured it would be ok to use up so it wouldn't go to waste.
Erm... Oh I don't like the taste of whole canned tomatoes, so I used 2 Hunts Fire Roasted diced tomatoes and 1 Hunts no salt added Basil somethingsomething diced tomatoes. Also used tomato sauce instead of a can of tomato soup. I also added 2 cans of green beans. Was going to put in zucchini but Kroger sucks so yeah, that didn't happen.
I topped mine w/ a few pickled jalapeno slices. Not as many as I normally would and I told DH he could have some cheese on his. He doesn't have a dairy problem so he should be ok.

Ate 2 helpings cause it was so YUM! It's like a very hearty soup, even without the beans and corn. Just really great chili flavor, the yummy chicken, and the awesome chunky tomatoes and green beans. It tasted exactly as it had before when I made it as the recipe called for. So woot! I know what I'll be having for lunch tomorrow. Yum yum!

Hmm... something triggered it

Been visiting the toilet often today and last night. Last night, I thought it was just the spicy pickled jalapeno that caused it, but today.... it's something else that is triggering it and I'm not sure what.
Only thing I can think of is maybe it's tomatoes? I love tomatoes though and I've been eating them pretty regularly these past couple of weeks with no problem so *shrugs*

In other news, spotting has occured a little more. It's just been brown smudges though. Hoping AF starts tomorrow, but not sure if it will. FX

Also have most of the laundry done. Have 2 more loads to do and so many to fold. BLEH! I hate folding clothes.... so so much...

Just not hungry...

That is certainly a new feeling lol. NOT feeling hungry at all. I only ate lunch b/c I have to take something with my metformin.
Still, how often can people actually say that on a diet they're trying. That they're not hungry. NICE!!! lol

Anywho, here is my hodgepodge lunch. It doesn't look or sound very good though lol. It's left over pork chop. Yes those are pork chop bones. DH is picky about his pork chops and a bit of a wuss when it comes to gnawing on the bone to get the meat off of it lol. I'm not though so hand that crap over and I'll go to town on it! :P
Also a large hard boiled egg, and about a half cup of salsa.

Like I said, I wasn't very hungry, and I didn't feel like fixing anything so that's what I came up with lol.
We're def going to have to go to the store on Wed to get more veggies. Feel like I need to eat more during my lunches.


Ok so... I woke up VERY sore this morning. The area right behind my underarms are sore as heck. Sad that WALL  PUSHUPS would do that, but I guess it just shows that they do work.
Here's the Primal guy explaining the progression of pushups for skill level. I thought it was really helpful.

Also, the area right above my knees is pretty sore. Guessing from the wall assisted squats I did.
So yeah, not exercising today to let my body heal. How sad that ONE flippin day of doing beginner moves has made me sore! rofl. Oh well.
Here's the same guy's video on doing squats.

He has a couple of other ones too that are really helpful. Specially if you're like myself. Out of shape and a beginner heh.
So yeah, not exercising today. I'll take this time to do some cleaning around the house. Really need to do the laundry. It's Mt Saint Dirty Clothes up in the bathroom right now.
I'll also do some stretches as well. I used to be so limber as a child, and then all the years of inactivity... I'm SO stiff.

In other news! I'm spotting. Not sure if it's going to keep up or get heavier but I hope so! Would mean that AF is coming sooner than it ever has on provera and it means DH wouldn't have to take any time off of work to take me to my baseline appointment. OOOO I really hope it is AF getting ready to show.
I'll be shocked if it is though. I guess the diet has really changed things? Not sure HOW exactly, but so long as it is a  good change heh. OOO I hope my AF is shorter! THAT would be flippin sweet! I hate having long ass 6-7 day AFs!
I had more right O kind of aching last night though. Kind of scared that it's going to be a large cyst. FX that it's not.

Oh and I weighed myself this morning as well for the heck of it, and weight is down another pound. I'm not going to record it though since it's not official WI day. I just hope it keeps going that way by the time Saturday comes around again hehe.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grrr, stupid Kroger!!

I swear... you would think that a grocery store would ya know, RESTOCK throughout the frickin day. But apparently not!
We went there and like most of the veggies were cleaned out. I wanted to get some more zucchini, but there was only 2 scraggly looking ones left. I went to grab some orange bell peppers, and almost all of them were gross and soft.
So frickin ridiculous. I didn't even get everything I wanted, but whatever.

We did buy an expensive small little container of Coconut Bliss ice cream. Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge flavor. It's sweetened with Agave Syrup which a lot of paleo users use. After dinner I had a bit of it. MAN is that a lot of coconut! It almost tasted like alcohol. That's how strong the coconut flavor is. It's almost too much.
The consistency is just like regular icecream though. It's just the taste you have to get used to. Thankfully my dislike of coconut smell will keep me from wanting to devour it all.

We may have to go back to the grocery store. Planned on making some jambalaya, but started getting fed up by the time we got to the seafood section and just said screw it.
So yeah, this grocery trip was a big disappointment.

Here's tonight's dinner. Salad & 2 pan fried pork chops. MMM MMM
Bought some Cajun spices that I wanted to try out and used it on the pork chops. AWESOME.
Salad was the rest of the bagged stuff, grape tomatoes, cauliflower, half of a chopped up boiled egg. Dressing was apple cider vinegar, olive oil and some pickled jalapeno juice. Also topped it off w/ some freshly ground black pepper.

OO Only good deal we really got at Kroger was on the apple cider vinegar. Only a dollar for a big 32oz bottle.

Feel good

First up, here's my lunch for today.
Just a nice big salad w/ some sliced up ham. Treating myself to some pickled jalapeno too heh. Dressing is the same as yesterday. Balsamic w/ Olive oil and some pickled jalapeno juice.
The other stuff in the salad is some lettuce and such from a prepackaged salad baggy (you know the ones where everything is already chopped up for ya). About 6 or so grape tomatoes and some baby spinach.
We usually get romaine lettuce heads instead of the prepackaged things b/c they keep longer and we just like it better, but Kroger was out of them last week *grumble*
Mmm look at all that hammy jalapeno goodness! lol Spicy food has a not so pleasant s/e for me so I'm sure I'll be paying for this later lol. I need to get some mild jalapeno slices once I'm done with this jar.

As for exercise. I walked on the treadmill. I'm not a fast person at all. I never have been. Heck, even when I was a wee little girl, rail thin... I hated playing tag b/c I was always "It". I'm just not a fast walker or runner.
The treadmill def proves it. My fast pace walk is a 2.5 and I can't even keep that up for long b/c I'm so out of shape. I didn't get to 200+ lbs by being active :P lol
In those 30something minutes, I only walked ONE MILE. MAN that is embarassing to admit to but there it is.
We all have to start somewhere though right?
Afterwards I was feeling good so decided to do some wall pushups. I followed Mark's tutorial for it and  could really feel it in my shoulders afterwards. I also did some leg stretching (b/c I am as stiff as a board), and did some wall supported squats. I had to stop the squats b/c my knees started to feel a bit funky.

In other news, I took my last provera before working out!! WOO!
Oh and I took my temp this morning and it was kind of low. Only 97.74. That's usually my pre-O temp. No idea why it was that low but I hope there's not anything 'wrong' going on with my body.

Ya know, Screw waiting

Sitting here watching this guy's videos on youtube
And I realized... what the hell am I waiting tomorrow for?? I don't NEED to get kettleballs before I start. There are plenty of heavy items I could lift at home. Heck, I don't NEED to start with that, we have a flipping treadmill AND eliptical machine I can use. Sure I find them boring, but it's better than just sitting here saying I'm going to start tomorrow.
So getting ready to do that. I just wanted to comment on his youtube videos really quick.
I would def check them out. He has some progression videos for exercises. Like doing beginner pushups, pullups, squats etc and each step to get to that final 'correct' move. Really helpful if you're struggling.

Just went and put on my workout clothes. Weighed myself before though. I know I know I can't help it! lol.
Anywho, it read 205. I hope that sticks or even goes down some more! lol

OH and another exciting gross news. I'm actually pooing normally now! WOOO I mean I still get the occassional metformin diarrhea thing, but it's not ALL the time like it used to be. I actually poo like a normal person rofl. I know that's so stupid to get excited about, but I thought I would have to live w/ getting diarrhea. Or having veggies pass right through me after an hour after eating them. Seriously, if I ate broccoli, 30mins later it would be in the toilet not digested at all. I've had that happen with lettuce as well. That's not normal obviously! lol

Yes, I'm about to start talking about the diet again! lol

I'm kinda building myself up to start exercising the "Primal" way. Just started reading about it now and reading it, it's really hard to believe that this is all you have to do. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm sure that it's tough at first, specially for someone like myself who is super lazy and out of shape lol, but still.
Just so used to programs that tell you to workout every single day.

I'll try to explain what the exercise part involves.

Sprinting one day a week for 15-25mins (includes the warmup). It says it doesn't necessarily mean running though. So not sure wht it means by that. Maybe start off at what you can at first or something?

Lift Heavy Things twice a week.... workouts last for 10-30mins, 45mins for the advanced. OR Substitute one of the LHT workouts for a Workout of the Week (which is posted on the Mark's Daily Apple website).

And finally, Move slowly/Play/Rest this is for the other 4 days.
For move slowly (walking, light aerobics etc), it's recommended to do 3-5hrs. All in one day or 30mins here and there.

Play.. exactly what it sounds like. Just get out there and be active. Whether if it's a sport, or playing with your dogs, kids whatever.

And rest... take as much time as your body needs to recover. Rest includes easy exercising (guessing things like yoga or something) or just taking it easy.

Just sounds so..... simple. I'd like to get some kettleballs for the heavy lifting part. Going to start it tomorrow hopefully.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Here is tonight's dinner. Wanted to clear our the zucchini we got last week (and that I forgot about), so I sliced it up along with some baby carrots and sauted them in some coconut oil. Then added black pepper and some gluten free soy sauce & garlic powder. I added just a tad too much soy sauce so some of the pieces that soaked up more of it was a little salty, but it was still really good. Going to do this again.

And the meat was a bone-in chicken breast. I baked it in the oven at 350 for about 45mins until the temp was 165 in the thickest part. I usually overcook bone-in chicken but not this time! It was juicy and delicious for once! lol
I first melted about a tablespoon of coconut oil and poured that over both chickens, trying to get some in between the skin and meat. Then, sprinkled the chicken with pepper, paprika & seasoning salt.
I'm not one to make it pretty so yeah... lol.

Dessert we were going to finish off the other pineapple, but it's been warm and that didn't agree with it so I chucked it out in to the yard lol.
So we both had a banana each along with a few blueberries. Oh how I miss eating bananas! They are SO carby though so gotta be careful eating them if I want to lose weight. I'm still well within my carb limits so no worries :)

Oh duh!

Been so busy with the paleo part that I haven't talked about TTC. I guess b/c we haven't started yet so nothing really to report on.

Only one more provera left! WOOT WOOT!
Been feeling bloated and slightly achy in uterus-ville.
When I first started taking the provera, my ovaries started to ache. Makes me wonder what was causing it, but oh well. So long as that baseline is clear of any large cysts!
I'm so excited to start trying again! It feels like an eternity with everything that has happened.

If we're successful and IF this little bean sticks, we could potentially have a Christmas or New Years baby! How exciting would that be! If on Xmas, poor child would always have to get the combo xmas/birthday presents, but still....
Or coming in on New Years. It would be like the whole world is celebrating your birthday with fireworks :D
What a birthday!

I know I'm jumping the gun here and getting my hopes up, but like I said, it feels like it's been an eternity. Being so down and out this month... it's nice to have some hope again.

Mark's Daily Apple

I might as well call this place my home away from home with as much time as I'm spending there.
I guess they post success stories every friday.
Here is a link to view them. There are some REALLY great ones.

This one is good. Guy went from 300lbs to well... you'll see in the before and after photos.

Another great one. Shows that just b/c you are older, it doesn't mean you can't start this NOW and be successful!

Going to go read some more! I love these! They just keep adding fuel to my fire. So inspiring.

Not trying to sound elitist

I really hope I'm not sounding that way when I talk about paleo. I don't want to end up one of the elitist jerks who look down on everyone.
I just want to help inform people. Give them the information that I've learned. It's SO difficult to get people to eat a certain way, specially the paleo way when all our lives we're told that ALL fats= bad. And that whole grains are part of a healthy diet, and eating beans is good for us. I mean hell, vegans and vegetarians eat beans and wheat all the time and they're healthy right?? Yeah SOME of them are, but read up on paleos/primal eaters that used to be vegetarians. Almost every single one that I've come across have always said that they got FATTER on their vegetarian diets. Or that their skin was awful, or that they did lose some weight, but still had pudge everywhere.
Our bodies were designed to eat a certain way and wheat and legumes are not part of what we should be having.
Anywho, I'm getting all preachy here and I need to stop! lol

Here's a great article. This woman started eating Primal on the new year. Had her cheats but yeah, just check out the before and after shots. She didn't have much to lose obviously, but there is SUCH a huge difference between the before and after.
Hell, right now I'd be happy looking like the before shot :P lol
Still, her change in 5 weeks is still very impressive.

Oh and taking a queue from another blog, I'm going to start posting photos of all of my meals. Or at least when I remember to lol.
Here's lunch for today.

Some pounded lightly curried chicken breast with a salad. Salad dressing is balsamic vinegar & olive oil along with some pickled jalapeno juice. I need that saltiness to help with the vinegar lol.

I made the chicken the night before. Got out some of that frustration from my dinner that night. Poor chicken breasts never had a chance!
Chicken was cooked in about a tablespoon and a half of coconut oil. Heat was medium.
Lightly seasoning with curry powder, black pepper, cayenne and sea salt.
Ah crap... just remembered, I wanted to have some salsa w/ my salad today! Booo. I was looking forward to it to. DH is having the same lunch as me except I packed him up some of the salsa and it smells SOOOOO good.

Oh and I just had about a tablespoon and a half of Blue Diamond Almond Butter (creamy). All it is is almonds, so it's not very sweet, but it was still good.
I wonder if you could make macadamia nut butter? I would eat that by the gallon! lol
Had it b/c I was still feeling like I wanted something and it was there so why not.


DH is so clueless. I seem to say that a lot lol. I love the big lug but man, he is completely clueless when I'm upset. That's partially my own fault though.. well ok, mostly my own fault. I ninja-stealth when I cry so it's not like he ever sees that and when he does, he does comfort.

Anywho.... DH weighed in at 225.8 so that is another 5lb loss making his total for 2 weeks, 10lbs.
As I thought, my own is still 207. I did weigh yesterday and it came to 206, but I'm not worried about it. Hoping when AF starts, the water weight drops off.

Here's another quote from The Paleo Solution. The section I'm snipping this from is talking about where we digest proteins, fats and carbs and how our bodies break each down.
.... this is an opportunity to see "complex carbohydrates" for exactly what they are: Lots of sugar. No matter what type of carbohydrates we absorb, it all goes into the system as either glucose or fructose, aka sugar.

And another before I go make some breakfast.
Now, this may sound like heresy, but there are no "essential carbohydrates." Our bodies can make all the carbohydrates it needs from protein and fat. Although glucose is critical for many of our tissues, the redundant mechanisms in our bodies for producing glucose indicate it was a fuel that was transient in our past. We are not genetically wired for a 50 percent carbohydrate, bran muffin diet, despite what the USDA, AMA, and FDA have to say on the topic.

Here's the first quote for ya

From Robb Wolf's book The Paleo Solution

Keep in mind, we can prevent or reverse cancer, diabetes, neurodegeneration, and infertility (depending upon how far down the path to destruction you may have wandered). You might have noticed many of these diseases occur together. Heart disease and depression. Infertility and autoimmunity. This is because these seemingly sepearate diseases share an underlying mechanism: Inflammation. Inflammation is a natural process that we will die without, but we will also die with too much. This is a case of Goldilocs wanting things to be "just right."

I'll find some more interesting stuff to post about tomorrow. I need to get to bed. I think I've cried enough for tonight :\

Sigh... on a different note..

Found an interesting video when looking for how Paleo helps infertility.

The guy is kinda dull lol, but he pretty much repeats everything the documentary Fat Head says and Paleo says. Saturated fats are GOOD FOR US, and he thinks to help PCOSers, low carbs diets are the way to go. He sounds like he really knows what he's talking about.

I'm going to start posting more links to the interesting stories and such I find. Lots of good stuff out there.

Here's one about a couple that had IF problems due to endo. Had multiple failed IVFs. She tried the Whole30 challenge, which is just strict Paleo, did another round of IVF and got pregnant with twins.

I thought this one was interesting as well. He mentions various couples that have gotten pregnant. One of them leaves a comment explaining their situation a bit better.

This article is pretty good as well. Explains the benefits of eating a primal diet for fertility. Read the comments on this one. A lot of people posting their success after changing their diets to Primal/Paleo or just low carb.

I'm like becoming a huge advocate over here for Paleo or hell, just even a low carb diet and I've only been doing it for 2 weeks lol.
It's just that SO much of the information all points in the same direction.
I'm going to reread the Paleo Solution book and I'll post up some good quotes from it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Are you F-ing SERIOUS?????

First off, the boring stuff.
The buffet was ok. Not a very good place for paleo, but at least their steamed broccoli and cauliflour weren't drowned in butter.
And they did have steak so WHEW.

Now on to the flipping AWESOME *sarcasm alert* way the universe is just rubbing all of my hurt and bad luck in my face.
DH's mother informs us that SiL is due Oct 17th. Guess when I would've been due??
DH's birthday is on the 15th, so I had to sit there and just hear all of the jokes about how she'll try not to have the baby on his birthday and blahblah-frickin-blah.
Also this dinner was a surprise party for DH's grandfather. His girlfriend set it up and ALL of her kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren were there. Well not all of them, my bad, they were missing about 15 more great grandchildren. Yeah, her family are full of a bunch of FERTILES.
Don't get me wrong, they are nice people, but still.....
Oh it gets SO much better.
One of them had a 20mo son, and she was pregnant. Guess when she was due. Sept 8th. You know what day that is? It's when my first m/c started.

REALLY????? Am I the butt of some gawd damn joke here or something??? Do I REALLY need more reminders of how my body has failed me??

Poor DH

He thought we were going to cheat this weekend. Pfft. We've already discussed that we'll have a nice big cheat AFTER the 30 days, but I guess he pushed the 30 days part out of his head lol.
I dunno why he's aching so much to cheat. He had pizza AND a regular soda on Weds when he went out with friends.

Ordered some coconut flour, almond flour, coconut creme, coconut nectar, and coconut crystals last night. Had to order them from different places but whatever.
The place that I got the coconut flour and creme had decent prices on their items, but charged a ridiculous amount for shipping.
Oh sure they had a cheaper shipping.... that takes 2-3weeks. Frickin seriously?? WHY? I could understand if this place was in a foreign country and the items had to go through customs and all that mess, but the place is in NEVADA. Why on earth would it take 2-3 weeks for ANYTHING nowaday?

Diet has been going well. Even though I'm cooking with the coconut oil ALL the time & I'm going to be getting the flour and things... I still can't stand the smell of the stuff. It seriously makes me sick smelling it.
Like with scrambled eggs. Thankfully most of the time the oil doesn't smell, but with eggs, for some reason it does and it STANKS.

Erm... I had this posted all written out and an error deleted it.... not sure what else I rambled on about so I'll stop now.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fresh my ass

So we just got back from the Fresh Market. I THOUGHT it was a whole food/organic type of store but nope. It's just a place for rich folk to grocery shop and pay higher prices for things they could just drive a mile down the road for and get a few dollars cheaper.
The only pluses about this place was the veg/fruit section and their large variety of nuts. Everything you could find at pretty much any other grocery store. Such a wasted trip. Grrr
Going to have to find a place online to get the coconut flour and such from I guess. Oh well.

We did go to the Korean store again. I got some freshly made regular kimchi and some mu kimchi. MMMM YUM!!! They've gone up in price though or I would've gotten larger containers of them both.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WHEW! YAY Insurance finally!!

Pharmacy called back today. Talked to the nice lady, she tells me the bill is going to be $800something dollars.
Uhm.. WHAT?
I quickly tell her that our insurance should be covering everything now. She checks and sure enough, YES IT SHOULD. Takes her a minute as her computer is slow I guess, but she gets everything sorted out and the new total comes to $300something.
Had me sweatin bullets there for a min.
They're overnighting it so it should get here tomorrow.
DH is off though and we're planning on going to a lot of places so hope it gets here early.

We're going to whole foods store. Probably spend at least a few hours in there depending on how large the place is.
Oh but first, we have to catch DH's demon fish! They're tinfoil barbs. 1, they get HUGE. They're supposed to be peaceful fish, but they've already killed one of my poor rainbowfish. AND they're completely destroying all of my aquarium plants. So yeah, they've gotta go. Going to be a PAIN IN THE ASS trying to catch 4 fish out of a 125gal tank. NOT looking forward to that. We'll then be taking them to the fish store and hopefully they'll take them off our hands. I'm sure they will. They always have large oscars and such that people give to them and our own fish aren't that big.
And blahblahblah. So yeah... our day tomorrow is gonna be busy and I can't wait! Too bad DH being off means that he has to work this weekend. Boo :(

You Again

Anyone see this movie? We got it from Netflix the other day and watched it.
The one part where the bully girl is meeting up with all of her friends, and 2 of them have the same due date b/c that's how they planned it in college. UGH
That part is still pissing me off b/c you just know there are women like that out there that have it THAT easy.
Oh I want an October baby... BAM pregnant.
Oh I want an Xmas, New Years, whatever baby.... BAM Pregnant with absolutely no fuss. Grrrr.
I know this sounds bad, but women like that really frickin piss me off and damnit I wish I was one of them!!!!!
How flippin awesome would that be to get pregnant whenever you wanted? To be SO confident wth your body and how it works that you can actually plan when your baby will be born? It must be nice.

Paleo pancakes? Bleh

Alrighty, so I fixed the simpler version of the paleo pancakes this morning. Consists of 2 eggs, half a cup of nut butter, half a cup of unsweetened apple sauce. Some cinnamon and vanilla and coconut oil to grease the pan.
Easy enough.
Pfffft.... damn things wouldn't flip! They're SO delicate. We ended up having scrambled pancakes lol.
The taste wasn't bad, but the texture was mushy. I HATE soggy bread and that is what it reminded me of. I only ate a little bit and DH ate the rest.
Oh and I also warmed up a handful of blueberries for the top and warmed up the left over turkey sausage.
The blueberries and sausage were good at least lol.
Hopefully whenever I attempt the banana version, those turn out better.

Sleep has been.... meh. Still waking up at least twice a night to pee. Last night was my own fault though b/c I did chug some water down before going to bed.
I woke up at frickin 3:30 today and didn't get back to sleep until 4:30, and DH's alarm starts going off at 5! UGH
Thankfully I get to go back to sleep though. YAY
Oh yeah, I was supposed to only report on when I slept well.. heh oops

Been getting some dull headaches lately. Wonder if it's from the diet or my hormones. Thankfully they haven't gotten worse, but the one this morning feels like it may. Took some tylenol just in case.

Oh and I forgot to mention. The pharmacy did call yesterday about my order, BUT the person who called had no idea that we are now covered and that the doc's office faxed over a copy of the PA thing. Hopefully they'll call back today with everything straightened out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Butternut squash & pork verdict

No good! BLEH.
It tasted like pumpkin pie meets pork. I'll try the butternut squash again in some sort of dessert, but not as part of a savory dish. It tastes far too much like pumpkin and I associate pumpkin with dessert.

I only had a bowl of the stew and that was enough. Ate a boiled egg after and I'm hungry. The taste of the squash just has me wanting dessert more than ever now.
I'm seriously craving it.

In my search for something, came across another paleo cooking blog. A lot of her stuff looks SO good.

Especially the blueberry coconut flour muffins *drool*

I almost never ate coconut before, but I'm beginning to appreciate it a lot more now lol. Just need to go get some coconut flour and other stuff and start making some desserts!!

And here's the gardening stuff

OOO so exciting!!!!.............


Aloe that my mom gave me. No idea why but whatever.

Soil filled dirty pots for a mantle decoration.... awesome. Have some saved seeds from an apple pear (or Asian pear if you want to call it that). Had success getting some to grow this way before so trying again. Hoping these won't get all diseased like the others did.

Our scraggly ornamental cherry tree is getting little buds! YAY! Should be blooming any day now.

Where the banana tree was. We're hoping it comes back. If not, then it's time to buy another.

The elephant ears are starting to pop back up! Love these but damn do they need a ton of watering!
We also have some black ones. Haven't seen any of those pop back up yet.

Garden #1... This one is going to have the cucumbers and green beans. Maybe some pepper plants as well if there is room.

And the other garden. First up is the full view ovbviously.
Then in order is strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mint

Oh and I forgot about this stuff inside as well. A lot of it is dead and needs to be thrown out. I love the light green tree up front. It's called something like Lemon pine or something like that lol. It smells just like lemons! <3