Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 2 Trigger shot

So, here's day 2 trigger shot. The OPK came up straight away. HPT is still light, but oh well. Not like it's a real BFP :P lol
I wasn't going to use another opk, but I couldn't help myself. I mean how often am I going to get one of those, ya know? And I only have a few left anyway, so might as well use some.

So my boobs were pretty sore yesterday. Not awful, but sore to the touch mainly. Not so much today though.
My face sure as hell is breaking out like crazy. I mean damn... can I catch a break already with that??

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Testing out the trigger... day 1

I have a bunch of internet cheapie HPTs that have been waiting to be used for quite some time now lol.
Wasn't going to use them but hey, might as well!

Although the line on the HPT is still pretty light, it still came up right away. And the OPK just keeps getting darker. Sigh, wish I could get one of those naturally.


So first off, my appointment went FANTASTIC even though the nurse that was taking my blood had to stick me 4 times. Twice in my left hand, once in my right, and then finally in my left arm where she finally found a vein.
Poor woman was sweating b/c she couldn't find anything. Oh well.
So after that, went back for my ultrasound, and my left ovary had a nice 19mm follicle, and my right had 2 at around 13-14mm.
So she told us that we could trigger today if we wanted to or we could wait a day or so to see if the right ones would catch up.

Yeah, we went ahead and triggered rofl.
It was a subQ shot which I was worried about hurting, but it didn't. I mean it burned some afterwards, but absolutely nothing like that god awful low dose HCG shot.
I thought that was weird, but whatever.

Right now my right ovary is aching. Hoping that it means those follicles are trying to catch up some. FX. More chances would be awesome.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

UGH GOD! Just let me get pregnant already!

I am so sick to death of DH's family pestering us!!!!
We usually go out with them on Fridays for dinner. No biggie, that is until someone brings up babies.
this past Friday... I'm not sure who brought it up, but it was.
And then dear MiL starts in saying how she wants twins.
Oh really? Twins you say? Well let me whip those up for you right quick!
Then she says how she wants a girl.... like we can control that shit or something.
I felt like reaching over the table and slapping the shit out of her.

Doesn't help my attitude with this damn bloating. It's not as bad as last cycle thank god, but it's still uncomfortable and annoying as hell.

Sigh..... god please let me be able to trigger tomorrow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Estrogen back in

And it's at 218! WOOOOOO
That means it jumped up 110 since last visit. Not sure if that's great normally, but great for me who hasn't been responding! lol
I'm to stay on the 175 follistim until Sunday when my next appointment is.
MAN I just hope I'll be able to trigger then! Come on follicles, don't stop now!
I'm actually hoping for at least one more follicle, just to up our chances. Oh I'm happy with 2, but 3 or 4 would've been better IMO lol.

Oh god I hope this works. PLEASE let it work!

2nd ultrasound

So... had my 2nd ultrasound this cycle, and everything is slow growing, but growing nonetheless.
I had 2 decent size follicles. 1 on each ovary. Could've been more but who knows.
The one on the right side, she measured at about 10.5mm.
The one on the left she measured at around 14mm.
BUT when she was talking about it, she said they were both at around 12mm. So *shrugs*
She also measured my uterine lining. Pretty sure it was the entire thickness, not just one side.
That measured at 13mm.

We were sent home with another vial of follistim, which brings our total to 5 vials now.

And yep, just have to wait and see what my estrogen is at. If there's a good rise, then I'll be staying on the 175. If I guess it's not where they want, I'll probably be going up to 200u.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In a mood right now

Okedoke, so my estrogen today came back 108. It went up so yay for that at least, although it's rising VERY slowly.
They've upped my follistim to 175 and I go back in on friday for another ultrasound and blood test.
Thankfully today's HCG shot didn't hurt that bad oh and the vial of follistim we were using almost had enough in it, but was 25 short. So thank goodness we got the vial from the RE's office.

This mood I'm in is weird. It's not a completely hopeless feeling, just.. I dunno, kind of angry, kind of a big pity party really.
I'm feeling kind of jealous at all of the women getting their BFPs.
Not the group of women in the buddy groups I'm in. I'm actually happy and excited whenever one of them gets their BFP.
It's the rest of them.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not pointing the finger at anyone in particular. This is just one of those illogical moods I'm sure we all get in to from time to time.

I'm really not angry at anyone in particular, just this whole situation.
It's like I go to these forums, and even though there are others who are having trouble as well, who have it worse than I do, you still can't help but feel like you're the only one.
Specially when you see nothing but BFP threads from women who only had to try for a cycle or 2.
On one forum that I go to, it's not that bad, b/c you can avoid most of the BFP threads by staying out of the POAS section.
But on the other forum that I post on, the infertility/TTC stuff is just one huge area. No subsections. So every BFP thread is posted there and you can't avoid them.
Yes the women struggle probably more than most b/c they have PCOS, but still.... that damn illogical part of me gets annoyed by seeing their BFPs.
Not annoyed at them, but at my own situation b/c it feels like I'll never have that joy. I'll never be able to post up my beautiful blazing BFP test. I'll never be able to give DH the onsie that I bought to surprise him with when I do get pregnant.
Just a big load of self pity..... BLEH
I don't like feeling this way, but have to get it out or it'll just fester and make me feel even worse.
Hopefully a nice loooong uninterrupted sleep tonight will make me feel better tomorrow.

I don't ever get that anxious feeling when I have an appointment the next day. I mean I'm anxious to go, but my heart isn't racing or anything like that.
You know that excited feeling so you can't sleep. Like X-mas eve when you were a kid and you never thought you'd get to sleep. Or if you did, you wake up every hour on the hour b/c you're so excited lol.
Yeah I don't get that feeling, but apparently my body seems to think it does b/c damnit, I just do not sleep well the night before my RE visits.

Tiny follicles

SO back from my appointment.
The nurse taking my blood felt so bad or bruising me up. It hurt at first, but now, it looks a lot worse than it feels. Just a little tender but that's it.
So we tried the right hand again. She had me keep it under some warm water for a bit, and that did the trick :)

Unfortunatly, my RE did my u/s. Bleh. The PA is SO much better at it than he is. I think he did it though so he could tell me what the plan was.
He made it sound like we would just keep continuing injections until I respond. SO I'm happy about that, although not happy about the potential cost of it all lol.

Also unfortunatly, I didn't really have big follicles. BOOOO
I had one on my right ovary that measured about 8.5mm, and then abunch of small ones.
And on my left, there were a bunch of small ones there as well.
The RE mentioned that I'd probably go up in dose again on the follistim, so yeah. I swear.... my damn body... sigh. If it would just work how it should!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FX for tomorrow!

So anxious to see what my ovaries are doing tomorrow. Hopefully it's the PA doing it. She can find my left ovary a lot better than my RE could. He was jabbing that damn thing up there with a vengeance last time rofl.

I'm still a bit worried that I haven't felt a lot of twinges. I was feeling some today, but not much. Sigh, come on Big fat follicles!!! 3 or 4 would be awesome!

And have I said lately how much I fucking hate that damn HCG shot?? Good lord, it's like it punished me today for not being that painful the past 2 times. Hurt when it first went in, hurt like hell when DH injected it.
I can't wait to stop using that shit. GOD I can't wait.

I think I'm going to cry if I'm actually able to trigger. Yes it'll suck with the HCG shot once again, but I'll cry b/c it means I'll actually ovulate.
Just no idea.... I would LOVE to get pregnant of course. That's my ultimate goal, get pregnant, have a baby :D
But to ovulate.... to know I ovulated, to be in the two week wait... sigh. It would be amazing.

I know a lot of women complain about being in the TWW and I don't blame them. That waiting sucks. But I think they'd appreciate it more if they had to go through this crap that many women go through. I don't think they'd complain quite as much :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pre-Baby Bump

What I'm going to lovingly call my big bump on my hand lol
Photos really don't do it justice. You can't really appreciate the lovely shade of blue it really is lol.

Grow Eggberts! GROOOOOOOW

So I had my bloodwork today.
My estrogen came back at 82! WOOOO I mean of course a higher number would be better, but still... that's better than nothing :D
My follistim has been upped to 150 though. So I think my RE is hoping that I'll be able to trigger within the week if everything looks good on my ultrasounds.
My next appointment is on Wed... bloodwork and ultrasound.

Oh and man, my poor left hand is jacked up.
The first 2 bloodwork had to be done on my left hand. I have pretty shitty veins in my arms so they have to get it from my hands.
So today, I figured try the right. Well she poked around and couldn't find anything so had to go in to my left again. Well unfortunatly, the first bloodwork left me with a bruise. It doesn't hurt but of course they're going to avoid it. The 2nd bloodwork didn't leave anything except a small puncture wound.
Well the nurse decided it would be best to go in right in between the knuckles of my ring and pinky finger. Good lord that HURT!
I still have a big bump on my hand. I'll post a photo in a min as soon as I can get this stupid card to read.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hrmm, feeling a bit..... well.... yeah *cough*

Dunno what has gotten in to me today, but boy I can't wait for DH to get home if you catch my drift!
Maybe it's my ovaries finally working. Who the hell knows, but DH better be ready!

I just feel, I dunno... strange down there today. I noticed it when I woke up. I thought it was just b/c I had to pee really bad, but the feeling is still there. Just a sort of fullness weird sensation that's hard to explain.
And I have been feeling twinges and things on my right O.
Oh man, I just hope this means that the upped dose is working.
Although they didn't bother calling me back today about another vial of follistim. I know we won't have enough for monday night if I have to continue. Not sure what they're gonna do about that, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


My nipples are itchy!!! Grrr, they've been this way for at least a month now.
I sometimes will notice dry patches on them, but usually, there's nothing there that should be making them itch.
And of course since that area is sensitive skin, you can just go to town scratching it, so I end up pinching the hell out of them. Thankfully my nipples aren't very sensitive, so it doesn't bother me.
But still... the itching continues! Grrr... maybe I need to start using my face cream on them lol

I'm still bummed about my estrogen numbers, but not like I can really do anything about it other than continue with the treatment.
I called back earlier and left a message. B/c if I'm continuing the treatment, then I'm going to need another follistim.

Didn't mention this earlier, but there were a lot of women there today. 2 were there when I walked in. And then 4 more came in after me.
I guess in a weird way, it's comforting to actually see other women going through the same thing as yourself.
Although they were all skinny. I've seen maybe 2 slightly overweight women, the rest have been little skinny bitches lol. Damn them! :P
I just get so self conscious about myself since I'm the only fatty sitting in the waiting room. Sigh, oh well.

So scared...

So my estrogen levels are in for today, and they've actually dropped to 47.
I just don't understand what could be going wrong.
Why am I not responding???
Sigh... I don't want another cycle to be cancelled once again. I'm just so scared that that's going to happen, and that I'll never respond to anything given to me. Or that we'll have to do something more extreme... also known as something we won't be able to afford.

Why won't my body just fucking work???

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I took an hpt and opk for the hell of it today. I guess maybe just a cheer me up. I am a POASaholic so using these actually did make me feel a little better rofl. How sad.
The HPT had A LOT of little indents all over it. I knew from experience that this would make it look like a line was there when there really isn't.
And yep, sure enough.
Not sure if it's apparent in the photo.

How it went

So, my appointment today was just getting some blood drawn.
Happy about that and sad.
Happy because well, getting a vag ultrasound isn't exactly my idea of fun lol.
But sad b/c I wanted to see what my ovaries were doing.

So just got my call back from the RE's office with my results.
My estrogen is only at 50 right now. So I'm to up the dose of follistim to 100, and go back in on Saturday to get just another blood test done.
I'm worried that that number is too low.
I mean last time, on cd9, my estrogen was at 95.
Yeah I'm only on cd7, but still, I've been taking the follistim for longer, AND at a higher dose.
I'm just so worried that this cycle is going to end up like the last one.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Appointment tomorrow!

A bit nervous that my follicles haven't grown any.
I have been feeling mild O twinges, but nothing much.

Period is ALMOST gone. Still trying to hang around which is super annoying b/c man, I want DH so bad right now.
I know I know, we could just have sex anyway, but the thought of doing it while on my period grosses us both out.
We've tried it once before, a LONG time ago, but it was just gross and messy and bleh. Just not for us.
You can imagine both our frustrations when I was bleeding almost constantly for 3 months straight.
There were a couple of days in there when it would stop, or stop just long enough and we'd go at it rofl.

Uhm... oh the HCG shot today wasn't that bad for some reason. It stung when DH poked me, but that was it. Was weird, but I'm not complaining about it by any means.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well this day started off ok, then slowly spiraled to shit.
Woke up, was taking a shower and heard the phone ring.
So I rush out to answer and it's the RE's office telling me that they made a mistake and my appointment is on Thursday instead of Weds.
Sucks b/c if it had stayed Wed, then DH wouldn't have had to take off of work b/c he's off.
But now since it's thursday, that means that more than likely, they'll want me back in on Saturday, and I dunno if that can happen b/c apparently DH can't get off of work to take me.
It would have to be early morning, and I just don't know if anyone would be willing to get up and take me that early in the morning.
No idea what we're going to do.
I'm so scared and frustrated that this cycle is all going to be for nothing once again b/c I can't get a fucking ride.
How lame is that shit.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Took an HPT & OPK

So I took an opk and an hpt with first morning urine.
I just wanted to see if a positive would show up. I figured not, and I was right.
I'll probably test again in a couple of days :D Well, no, not Weds since that's my first bloodwork etc, so probably thursday.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Damn you HCG!!!

Follistim was fine again today, that HCG though is KILLER.
Good lord, why does it hurt so much????

It feels like when you pour rubbing alcohol on a wound. That awful lingering stinging burn. Except this one is inside of you and you can't blow on it to make it feel better.

Holy mother of crap!

So I took my injections yesterday. DH did them of course.
The follistim was like pretty much every other time. No big deal.
The HCG started off that way. The needle is a little bigger, but I still didn't feel much, but as soon as he started injecting it. holy crap all mighty that shit HURT.
It felt like someone was taking a cigarrete and burning me with it.
Just god awful stinging burning PAIN.

And the bad thing is, that seems to be the normal feeling! WTH??? And I'm supposed to do this for portentially how long??


Saturday, May 15, 2010

HCG Photos

Just wanted to share photos of the HCG I'll be taking. Since this isn't a very common injection procedure it seems, thought it would be interesting to at least someone lol.

I guess all HCG comes like this? *shrugs* But normal HCG, you get 2 bottles. One is the sterile water, and another has the HCG powder stuff in it. You take one of the needles they send with it, get some of the water, and then inject it in to the powder vial and swirl it until it's mixed. Then you inject that back in to the water vial and swirl and voila.. you have yourself some HCG ready to be used :D

Here's the vial of the powder

And here is a photo comparing the different sizes of the sterile water vials. My low dose HCG is on the left, and the regular one on the right.
Yes they're in the fridge. Well I took the regular one out since that doesn't have to be in the fridge yet since it's still just the water in that one.

Grrrrr stupid leaking

I'm glad AF is here, but damnit I have leaking!!!!!!!
I was fine for almost the entire night. Woke up at about 5 to change my pad, went back to bed. Didn't realize anything was wrong.
Finally got up at 8:30, and I instantly feel that dreaded wet feeling somewhere that shouldn't be. UUUUUUUGH.
I have leaked all over the front. Thankfully nothing got on the bed, but still.... BLEH.

I can only be irked about that for so long though....... I start the injections today! WOOOOOOOOO

Sad... just sad

I realized a few days ago, that, this entire time we've been TTC.... and I mean the ENTIRE time... I have NEVER... N-E-V-E-R been in the Two Week Wait.
How depressing is that shit?

Good lord, what I wouldn't give to just freaking ovulate for once. To see my BBT actually go up and stay up. To BE in the TWW and obsess over possible symptoms.


Friday, May 14, 2010

AF is here!

Woke up to almost nothing on the pad (not uncommon for me during the start though), but when I went to the bathroom, plenty on the tp and plenty in the toilet.
So I called the RE's office ASAP to try to get in today.
They called back at 9:30 and asked if I could come in at 10:30 or 11 :D
So we went at 11 since we both had to take a shower and I had my baseline done.
My RE was the one that actually did it which was a change. It's usually the PA that does it.
He couldn't find my left ovary and boy that was NOT comfy him trying to find it.
I'm guessing it's a bit further up based on how my HSG xrays looks. My right ovary is just off to the side, very easy to find, left ovary was pretty much straight up. Oh well
Everything looked fine though. Had about 2 or 3 small cysts on my right ovary that he said we were going to try to get growing lol.

I took in 1 bottle of the HCG so they could mix it up in this BIG bottle of water to dillute it.

So starting tomorrow, probably at 5pm, I'll be doing 75u of Follistim & 10u of HCG :)

Man I hope it works!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


FINALLY spotting.
Seems like AF is going to come the same as it did last time. 5 days after the last provera (7 day dose).
It's still brown right now so, hopefully tonight things will pick up.
If it's red when I wake tomorrow, even if it's not a flow, I'll be calling up the RE. Hope they'll be able to get me in, but I imagine their Fridays are probably booked solid.

I'm just so ready to get this next cycle going.
I'm tired of not being pregnant. Tired of seeing everyone elses adorable little chubby babies.
Tired of all of this shit.
Give me a fucking baby already!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Finally got my Beginner's Permit today :D 30 questions, I could've gotten 6 wrong to still pass. Only got 2 wrong.
One of them was a trick I tells ya! lol
And the other that I got wrong was  a sign. Square sign w/ a red circle w/ a white horizontal line in the middle of it.

Now, to learn how to drive again! SO freaked about it but excited.

Still no signs of AF damnit.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Man, I was bitchy today. Didn't help that I got a call from my OBGYN's office telling me that my annual pap needs to be either rescheduled or I need to see another one of the doc's there b/c my doc is going to be on maternity leave during that time. UGH

Just a swift kick to the nads... if I had them.

Great for my doc, congrats to her, blahblahblah....... but I REALLY didn't need to hear that shit right now.

I just want AF to come. I want to get my baseline over with, I want to start the injections. I'm so scared that this next cycle will be a bust as well.
Damnit body, respond to something already!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Ya know, although I am a POASaholic, It feels nice not having to test b/c of all the monitoring.
Oh I did anyway this cycle, but knowing I didn't have to took off a lot of pressure.

It's going to be fun next cycle taking opks and hpts. I really want to see if the low dose HCG will cause a + hpt test. :D Sigh..... this better work!

One more pill to go......

Friday, May 7, 2010

I hate LimboLand!!

Nothing worse than waiting waiting waiting for something to happen.

2 more provera to go and who knows how long for AF to start.
Actually toying with the idea of trying to make AF start early. Like taking something to make it start earlier.
I actually may try green tea. It probably won't do anything, but it's just green tea so won't hurt.
I have read of other things that could help, such as black cohosh? I'd be too paranoid taking an herb in hopes that it worked. I dunno.

Oh good news, or well, slightly good news hehe. I did have a weird dream last night, but weird was all it was. I can't remember it, but it wasn't anything disturbing like the previous nights.

Have I mentioned that I love nail polish? It's like the only girly thing I do. I don't like toe nails painted though b/c I hate long toenails, but fingernails... LOVE IT!
May be b/c I used to bite my nails as a kid... and heck for a lot of my adult life as well.
I wasn't as bad as some people... you know the ones that bite them so far down there's like a mm of nail left. No, that wasn't me, but still, it was bad.
Then I started wearing nail polish, and I dunno... I just stopped and started growing them out. It wasn't the taste that detered me from biting. No idea why. Oh well.

I swear I don't have ADD or anything lol. I know my posts are a bit all over the place sometimes.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm bored and feel like rambling, ranting and so on for a bit.

I have 3 more provera to take. Haven't had any side effects that I can associate with it.
Just realized I'm not getting headaches any longer. UGH, the one thing I'm not looking forward to with this new set of injections. I've also read that HCG tends to make women bloat up. So scratch what I just said, 2 things I'm not looking forward to.

I keep having these weird ass violent dreams.
Like last night, I dreamt that there was this serial killer duo. It was a father and son. The son was maybe 7 or 8 years old and crazy as shit.
Well they stopped off in a diner/gas station. They sat to eat, and got up like they were about to leave, and the psycho kid pulls out a gun and blows the brains out of this other little boy who was only about 3 or 4.
SO extremely gruesome and violent. I don't know what the hell my mind is doing, but it totally focussed on the boy who got shot, and in my dream I got to see the gorey details.
I haven't been thinking violent thoughts or anything lol.. so *shrugs* Not sure what to make of it all.

I wish I dreamt about good sex more often rofl. Don't get me wrong, I love sex with DH... LOVE IT. But sex dreams are fun too :D hehe I haven't had a really good one in forever though. Sigh....
I love the various ones that I've had. The weird and spontaneous ones, and the ones where I'm totally in love with whoever in the dream. *nodnod*

Hmmm, feels like I had something to rant about but I can't remember it now. Must not have been anything important. Oh well.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Keep forgetting!

I keep forgetting to update on my weightloss so far!!
So I haven't measured myself, and I forgot to weigh myself until earlier today.

So... last week I was at 227...... today, I was UP to 231... WTH??? I've actually been eating better than I have been, AND since I've been going to bed earlier, I haven't been eating at night which should be helping with the weight loss. Grrrrrrr....

Maybe it's the provera or something that's causing the weight gain right now and it'll go back down.

It did do this last cycle? Started off at 229, then 4 days later, weighed in at 238 o_O
I didn't feel bloated at all, but there was the weight.
I went back down obviously, plus some, so hoping the same thing happens this time as well... sigh.


My drugs came early this morning.
Got 2 vials of HCG and 1 follistim along with a bunch of needles.

Damnit this next cycle better work or I'm gonna be UBER PISSED.

Yahoo Answers!

Anyone else go to Yahoo Answers? It's like my guilty pleasure. I don't like admitting that I go there, but I can't help it!
I usually just go to the TTC section. Man, there are SO many clueless women.
Not trying to be mean or anything b/c I was just like them at one point. Although that seems to be a million years ago.

I mean SO many, I had sex 2 days ago, am I pregnant??
I had sex a day before my period started, am I pregnant?

and so on and so forth. Boy, I remember being like that. Just so ignorant of how things actually work.

I mean isn't that how we were all brought up though? Taught that sex any time equals automatically getting pregnant?

Well, sure seems to be that way for teenagers, druggies, alcoholics, and any other kind of unfit person. Well, not all teens, but come on, a lot of them.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Have I mentioned...

......that I don't drive? It's a HUGE hassle with all of this monitoring because DH has to get off of work to take me to the appointments. They're very understanding right now, but that's not going to last long.

He's off next week and I think he'll be taking me to get my permit.
I used to drive before, but I dunno, just stopped. I guess I just got comfy with DH driving us everywhere, and then I let my license expire and so on and so forth.
I haven't driven in over 10years... YEARS. Geeze.

I'm excited but scared to start again. It's a different world out there now. So many more drivers, SO many more idiots on the road.
It'll be fun though having some freedom.
Don't get me wrong, I love staying at home and being a hermit, I really do, but not having to bug DH to take me somewhere will be nice.
I'll just hope in MY car and go where I want :D That'll be so fun.

I really want a hybrid. They're SO expensive though.
Looking in to getting a Honda Insight. They're the cheapest on the market right now and it is compared to the Prius.
I mean I'd like a Prius but with the recalls, and them not really knowing WTH is wrong with their cars, oh AND the price for them..... the Insight will have to do hehe.
I'll probably end up driving our truck anyway though. Let DH drive the hybrid since he'd probably get better gas mileage out of it going back and forth to work.
I'll have to look up all of our options though. Just have to make sure the payments will be below $200 a month.

Appointment Yesterday

So, had my RE appointment yesterday to discuss our plan of action for next cycle.
Let me start off by saying, I was not looking forward to it at all. I don't really know why. I guess because this cycle was just such a HUGE disappointment for me. It was just a way of not trying to get my hopes up maybe.

Anyways, the appointment went great. He explained to me in his oh so painfully awkward way that this cycle was cancelled because he didn't think I was responding well, and didn't want to continue for possibly longer than a week just to see if I would respond. So figured that we'd cut our losses and start fresh with a better plan next cycle.
My estrogen started off at 95, then dropped to 69. That's when they upped my dose of follistim to 100iu. And then the next visit my estrogen only raised to 74. He said that if it had been 100+, we would've continued.

It's still frustrating of course, but at least I know why now and can better prepare myself if this happens again.

Erm, oh so the plan for next cycle.
Well he already gave me provera to take for 7 days. So I started that yesterday.
And of course call when AF starts, whch I'm hoping will be right after my last pill. DH is off of work next week, and it would be so helpful if we could get in 1 or 2 appointments in so he doesn't have to take off of work.
So anywho, no sure when I'm supposed to start, but I'll be doing follistim again. Starting off at 75iu. And I'll alo be taking a low-dose HCG shot along with it every day.
The RE explained that it acts like LH and helps to mature the egg.
I read that low dose HCG is actually better than LH because it stays in your system longer, so helps with that function better.
I also got a PM from a woman on one of the forums I frequent that told me about the 2 times she was on this plan.
She did IVF 3 times. First time, they didn't do it, and she had bad eggs so it didn't work. Next time, she was on the follistim/hcg combo and she got pregnant. Then she did it again, and is pregnant once again :) So YAY :D

Oh I've also read that the low dose HCG shots helps to prevent OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation) from occuring. Which is a big problem for PCOS women since we produce lots of small follicles.

SO yeah, that's my long update heh. Just got a call from the pharmacy and they'll be sending me my injections tomorrow. So I guess I'll probably be starting them maybe cd2 or cd3 since they went ahead and called in the order.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Damn Insurance

I hate insurance companies. ALWAYS trying to weasel their way out of paying up.
They sent us a letter telling us that they requested info from the RE about what's going on so they can determine if our insurance covers it. Which it does. The only infertility treatment that isn't covered is IUI and IVF.
Hopefully our RE knows how to deal with all of that though.

We still won't be able to do too many more injection cycles though. SO I just hope this next one will be it.

We got a good chunk back from DH's tax return, but most of it now is going to go in to fixing up a home for my brother and his family.
I know it's mean but trust me, we're not too thrilled about it.
Don't get me wrong, I love my brother and his family to pieces, but it always comes down on our shoulders to provide for them when they can't.
And it's very frustrating and annoying when we have to put our lives on hold to help them.
We don't mind helping SOME, but sigh.... we're just tired of doing it and now with this whole house thing, and no one else having money to help.... who foots the bill for everything? Yep, we do.