Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fat was my infertility

I hate to admit this, but I NOW do think that me being overweight was causing my infertility problem.
Not saying it's the ONLY thing... I do still have PCOS... and I think my cycles would still be pretty screwy even if I did lose more weight just b/c that's the way they were when I was younger and thinner, BUT what happened when I lost weight finally. I started ovulating on my own.

DH was totally right (and I'm gonna have to hear about it for forever!). He first said to me.. maybe I should lose weight before we tried any kind of treatment. He didn't say it in an ugly way or anything, but come on... who wants to hear that? I sure as heck didn't. I was already 30yo and was ready to start those meds and whatever else to get my baby before I even thought about losing weight.
Fat people know they're fat... but there is that denial about HOW fat we really are sometimes and to have someone suggest that we need to lose weight... you just don't want to hear it... ya know? We don't want those reminders.
Well, that's at least how it was for me.

Not saying losing weight is some magic cure for every overweight infertile woman, but maybe, just MAYBE losing weight could help too.


Sarra said...

Lisa, I think this is something our doctors don't really mention and encourage enough either. I have PCOS also and like you, was ready to jump straight to meds. But when we were gearing up for IVF, I took a few months off to eat right, lose some weight and work out. Then, after just losing about 12 pounds and building up some muscle, I got pregnant naturally the month before IVF. I don't know for sure that losing the weight was the sole thing that got me pregnant, but I'm convinced it made a huge difference.

Shari said...

For some losing weight with PCOS isn't easy or an option but it is what got me pregnant. DH and I didn't want to do meds so losing weight was my only option. 76 lbs later and bam bfp!

Shannon Marie said...

I lost 80 lbs, tried for a few months before seeing RE, and nothing. I don't have PCOS, we are "unexplained." I'm still overweight at 179 lbs but WAY more active and healthier than I have ever been in my adult life. The only thing weight loss did for me TTC wise was regulate my cycles. I'm now a 30 day cycle girl whereas I used to be anywhere for 29-45 days on any given month. So glad weigh loss has worked for others, but it's not the end all for everyone.

LisaB/lisabttc said...

I definitely think it can make a difference. I also think that you were more positive and feeling good about yourself, so that helps too. It is so amazing and awesome how far you've come after such a long time. Whenever I feel kinda hopeless, I think of your story :-)

LisaL said...

Shannon- Oh I totally agree that losing weight isn't the ONLY solution for everyone. Too bad though b/c that would save a lot of people money :P
But anywho... BIG congrats on your own weightloss and getting a regular cycle!! That is VERY awesome and most impressive :)

Lisa- You along with all of the other ladies still fighting the fight WILL have your own success stories to share and inspire others. I know I keep saying that to you, but I truly 100% believe it.