Thursday, March 8, 2012

Conspiracy Theories

Anyone know someone that is in to all of that stuff?
I admit that the little that I've read or heard sounds interesting and it's fun to read about, but I wouldn't say I'm way in to it or anything.

Well.. apparently DH's friends that he hangs out with on Weds are REALLY in to all of this crap and they're starting to get DH in to it as well.
Now I don't mind it at all, if he wants to believe in whatever, then that's fine, but geezus! They are really REALLY in to all of it.
They are convinced that within 5 years that society as we know it will be gone.. and turned to chaos. Just think of what happened in the movie Contagion... and that's what they expect to happen x10.
Just the complete fall of our government, social order, everything.
It's pretty scary to think about.
I think DH wants to start stock piling supplies. I'm actually totally fine with that, I think everyone should in case of any kind of emergency... but I just hope he doesn't become as paranoid as his friends.

Like last night, I jokingly asked him when he got home if they started talking about conspiracy stuff again.
He just laughed it off as he got ready for bed. Then... he started going on about the Illuminati and how they're using famous folk to get their Satanic messages across or some shit. Uh... WTF? I know he got all of that crap from his friends, but hearing it coming from his mouth was a bit of a shock. I'm gonna have to read in to it so I can talk some sense in to his head rofl.

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