Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stupid ass drivers!!!

I've been in such a pissy mood lately and I MUST rant about this.

I don't drive often (thank goodness. Have you seen gas prices lately? YIKES).... but when I do, there is at least 1 terrible driver out there that just seems to always be right in front of you just to ruin your mood.

Oh, there was that person today.
Some asshat in a pickup truck going 40..... FORTY on the highway where the speed limit is 60. And 40 was the fastest this douchenozzle went... he actually got down to frickin 30mph at one point. Why??? I have no fucking idea. His truck looked pretty new and in good shape. The weather was gorgeous out. Not a lot of traffic, but this dipshit still figured it would be a good idea to get on the damn highway and go 20 under the speed limit.
What... the... fuck!!!
If you don't want to go fast... take the damn back roads you MORON or how about learning how to fucking drive??

And UGH, I actually dread when I have to go out at around 10am. That's when all of the old ass drivers come out and most can't drive for shit too! Most are slow as hell and lookie-loos that want to look at every damn thing except for the road in front of them.

OR how about the death on wheels bunch. Ya know, the idiots you see with their iphones up to their faces so they can read a text or text back to someone... not paying attention to the road and swirving all over the place.
Yeah, that's always fun to come across... especially when they're swirving in to your lane as you try to safely pass their dumbass.
I really frickin wish they would make that shit illegal here already. I get SO pissed off when I see that b/c they could end up killing someone b/c they're too stupid and impatient to get off their damn phone for a second.

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