Monday, February 27, 2012

Totally random

I have nothing to say really lol. My brain has just been mush lately when it comes to actually thinking of anything worthwhile to say :P
So.. in light of that.. here are some photos I took yesterday! YAY!
They're nothing spectacular or even all that interesting lol.

The sunroom. YAY! It actually doesn't get a lot of direct sun which kinda sucks, but I still love it. I can't wait until we get some more money (whenever that is) so we can get some sort of chair or something to put in there.
We just recently moved a lot of it around. Like the thing in front of the fireplace was in the nursery. We never use the fireplace (it's gas, not a real one).. so figured why not put something in front of it.
And the 2 big palms we bought on clearance at Walmart :D

A lot of the plants on the right will be planted outside, so things will look different once it gets warmer and DH figures out where to put everything heh.

OO had to show 2 more deals we got at Walmart. Bought the 2 smaller plants for a dollar a piece. WOO! Obviously by the look of the containers they're in, they're from Valentine's day. Still healthy looking and come on.. a dollar is an awesome deal. Going to transfer these to larger pots once we get some potting soil.

Next up... Cid!! My spoiled adorable Frenchie mix :D
He was all snuggled up by DH last night and just looking WAY too cute not to get a photo of.

Love my pup so much :D


Patty said...

Me and J have been wanting to add a Frenchy to our pack forever! :) We have a few too many right now so it will have to wait but darn he's too cute!!

LisaL said...

Oh Frenchies are AWESOME!
You just have to be prepared for the farting... lots and lots of farting :P
Plus, be sure to do your homework and research the breeder you buy the pup from. There are A LOT of really bad breeders out there that breed unhealthy frenchies.
Also remember that frenchies are damn expensive so doesn't hurt to start saving up for one now heh.
There is a Frenchie rescue
A lot of their frenchies do have health problems, but I know they rescue pups from mills every once in a while so you could possibly get one for cheaper from them if you're lucky and probably willing to travel to get it :)

LisaB/lisabttc said...

Ooh the room looks so pretty!
And what an ADORABLE little pooch!!