Friday, March 9, 2012

Former infertiles

A subject was brought up in one of the forums that I go to.. and it just made me realize... I think sometimes.. former infertiles can be the most insensitive bunch.
I really hope I don't end up as one.

Let me clarify.

It just seems like SOME of them just completely forget what they went through. OR they remember, but feel the need to for some reason belittle others still struggling that are going through difficult and negative emotions.

For instance in this thread... it was started by someone who struggled and was upset when a friend who was still struggling deleted her FB account b/c she didn't want to see pregnancy announcements and whatnot any longer.
This former infertile just could not wrap her mind around it b/c SHE never did it when SHE was struggling herself.

And another who is all butthurt b/c a friend distanced herself from her when she got pregnant. And how it's SO rude b/c SHE never did that when SHE was struggling.

I mean... really?? Come on. It's great that they didn't do whatever, but to rant about someone else that does? I can understand being hurt by it if it's a friend or family member. No one wants to lose touch with someone, but to just plain not understand WHY just completely baffles me, especially when they KNOW how hard it is.

I hope that makes sense.

We all have to do what feels right to us. If it's putting on a happy face when you're hurting inside, then do it. If it's distancing yourself, do it. Who is to say what is right and wrong in such a situation, and I would've thought that people who struggled themselves would understand that, but I guess not.


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actually i was wondering if u could msg me,I had been stalking ur pee sticks and u mentioned they actually get lighter(i have same exact ones as u) could u maybe email me...kinda curious bc i tested twice at diff. times than what i normally do and they where lighter...(i tested every day since 9dpo to cd 41(2day) just seeing if u could put my mind at ease...thanks and much love to u and baby :) my emails

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hey...I was just wondering if you are still eating paleo? And if you thought that helped with getting pregnant?