Friday, March 9, 2012

WHEW! Crisis averted

So I talked to DH last night and thank goodness. He cleared it up a bit.
Just mentioned that they watched something on the Illuminati and he was just mentioning it to me. He has his own beliefs in it all (which is more of an interest and what if), but he's not one that believes all of the extra crazy stuff about it, like that Lady Gaga, Beyonce or whoever is part of it all etc etc.
Thank goodness!!! lol


socialite_baby said...

I think the conspiracy theories are interesting, but they can get offensive fast. I watched a documentary on 9/11 and spent the entire time screaming at it because it was so disrespectful to all the people who lost loved ones that day. I mean to say the government planned it all is ridiculous! SIL is into all the conspiracy theories and basically believes all of it.

LisaL said...

Yeah exactly.
I have a lot of interest in conspiracy theories and all of that stuff b/c it can get interesting.
But to totally believe in everything, even the craziest ones is just... gullible.