Monday, April 26, 2010


Ok so where was I?
Oh, so what my RE said. Yeah no, I'm not going to stop TTC. Just the thought of stopping makes me want to burst in to tears. I won't stop unless I absolutely MUST.

On my OBGYN visit last year, I weighed in at 250something pounds. That was the heaviest I've ever been.
At only 5'2", I'm a little fat, sweating, angry butterball turkey.

I plan on exercising again to try to get this weight off, but I'm not gonna enjoy it.
I know some people just LOVE to exercise, or eventually love to exercise, but no, that is NOT me. I HATE IT.
I hate sweating, I hate huffing and puffing, I hate straining, I hate aching, I hate feeling hot, no no no no no. I will never enjoy exercising. Yes I would much rather sit on the couch all day and veg out. I've been doing it for this long, DUH.
Ugh, I'm getting a headache just thinking about exercising.

Alrighty, so I really don't have a gameplan on what I'll be doing over the weeks. I guess just winging it until I figure something out.
We have a treadmill, and eliptical, and various workout dvds.
Next up, my stats!

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