Monday, April 26, 2010


Messing with some of the various calorie calculators on the net. Seems like my body should be burning around 1700 calories by doing nothing.
Goes up to 2000 if I add in a little bit of work.
1700 sounds good though lol
I don't think I eat that much, but who knows.
I used to count my calories before. And I mean hardcore count them. I had my little book w/ calories of everything, or if it didn't have it, I looked it up. I added everything up and stuck to it.
It was a pain in the ass and I really didn't achieve much other than feeling starved. BLEH.
I do plan on starting to cut out carbs though. I love my carbs. Hell, I just baked some fucking chocolate chip cookies tonight b/c I was craving it lol. But I only ate one when any other time I would've had 3-4.

I wish fruit was cheaper. I'd be eating strawberries all the time. Although I'm sure the sugar in them isn't very good for me, it's still gotta be better than me scarfing down some processed mess.
Had 3 strawberries tonight and yum yum they were delicious! And there's a weird sense of calm trying to get those seeds out of your teeth too hehe.

Next grocery trip will be filled with better choices. OOO get some oranges! I've been craving some and I just love the smell. I would get a melon, like honeydew or something, but I dunno... I'd be the only one eating it, so I'd have to save the rest of it. And just something about it sitting in the fridge cut grosses me out. Like if I ate anymore of it afterwards, it would taste spoiled and rotten or something. One reason why I hate seeing those premade fruit things in the produce section b/c the juices are all blended together, everything is already cut up and BLEH.

I guess I should thank my RE for suggesting what he did, b/c it really did kick my butt in to action again. I just couldn't motivate myself to do anything. I mean even knowing that my weight could cause problems with my fertility, I just had no motivation. I guess I just needed to hear it? *shrugs*
Oh well, I'm here now. Gotta keep going and get healthier!

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