Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The nerve of some people

I'm bored and just feel like chatting.

A while back on a blog that I visit often and that I love, there was a story posted about 3 parent embryos or something like that. I guess they could take things from 3 different people and implant it in to an egg. I dunno.

Well anyway, the comments were talking about that, and then this jackass comes out saying how people need to stop wasting their money on fertility clinics and that infertile couples should get a clue that this is just Darwin telling us that our genetics shouldn't continue.
What the Fuckity hell kind of bullshit statement is that?

Of course this statement was probably coming from a snot-nosed punk who had never actually seen a vagina up close and personal before. OR it was from an asshole who already has children and doesn't have a problem with fertility problems.

And fucking Octomom and all of the other stupid shits out there who abuse fertility treatments that cause people to have opinions like that.
I mean go up to any joe-shmoe, and ask him about fertility treatment, and I bet the first thing that pops in to mind is a woman popping out 6+ kids.

And then there are the idiots who tell people to "just adopt" b/c there are so many children, world overpopulated, blahblahblah. Uh How about shut the fuck up? Like that suggestion?

As if it's just SO easy to adopt a child. Like we could all go up in to an adoption agency today and pick us up some kids like we would a gallon of milk from the grocery store.


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LisaB said...

WHOA! I cannot believe some people...pure idiocy. :/