Saturday, October 30, 2010

And it begins

I would've taken some tests yesterday morning but I used the bathroom before I even thought of it heh.
This time around feels different than the others. Well, than the last one.
My nips and breasts are pretty much just starting to get sore. I think they were already sore before I took the trigger last time. Can't remember.
Also, I haven't been getting EWCM. It's been super watery. When we've done it, we start off natural at first, but soon after have to pull out the preseed to use. Seriously, we start squeaking like rubber on rubber. It's pretty funny but feels awful :P lol
So yeah, not really sure what to make of that. I wish it were EWCM, but I guess gotta take what your body gives ya.
I think we've BD'd enough. We BD'd once on the day of the trigger, and then twice yesterday. May try to do it again tonight when we get home if DH is up for a quickie.

I forgot to take my temp this morning, so no idea if it's up or not. I was getting some O pains, so maybe I ovulated already. Who knows. Maybe it'll be today *shrugs* Either way, hopefully this will be it.

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LisaB said...

Good luck!!!

LOL at rubber on rubber, but that does sound uncomfy. I have noticed that some cycles my CM isn't very abundant...not sure why, but I'm sure it'll still work!