Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween masks

Ok so here are 2 of the masks so far. Posted them on the forum I go to and might as well here while I'm thinking about it.

This one is DH's mask. He has to wear his glasses. He might as well be blind without them on. From what he's told me, it's just all a blur. So doing a traditional type of mask was out of the question. So I saw a really cool lower face mask during my google reference searches and thought that it was the perfect thing for DH.
I wanted his to look a bit steampunk. It didn't really end up that way though. Looks more gothic/greek god to me.
Was made from plaster wrap molded to his face. Then I took paper mache clay to sculpt the nose and lips. The cheeks and chin and the ridge of the nose were done with cardstock and hot glue gun glue. I then took regular plaster of paris and to try to make it as smooth as possible. The spikes were bought from . DH scratched them up to match the mask. It's painted w/ bronze spray paint and then gone over with a brownish/black acrylic paint to give it the old worn antique look.

I have another idea for a lower face mask for him. Got the idea from his playstation magazine. Hope to get it done before this weekend.

And this is my mask. Well, one of them at least. I love zombies, even though I'm terrified of the idea of zombies lol, so it was only natural for me to make myself a zombie mask.
I wanted it to be gorey and different. I love the worm out of the head idea so I had to do that.
It was molded to my face using plaster wrap. The worm was made w/ aluminum foil glued to the foundation of the mask and then put plaster wrap around it. The details of the jagged edges were done w/ cardstock glued to the mask and then w/ plaster wrap to make it sturdier. It was all painted w/ acrylics. The blood oozing is puffy shirt paint. And then finally I got a high gloss paint to go over the bloody parts to make it look wet.
Thinking about doing my face up as well. I have some scar wax and tooth enamel stuff I want to use to really jack my face up lol.

I have another mask I'm almost done with for myself. It's steampunk-ish. Not done with it just yet, but will be soon. I'll post that later.


unaffected said...

Those are soooo cool!!! You could sell them! Great job :)

Kerrik said...

Wow, those are fantastic. I want to learn to do that!