Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Got my meds today.
1 vial of microdose HCG. I guess it's the same thing as the low dose stuff just premixed. It's only 100u so I guess they're hoping I respond in 10 days or less. MAN I hope so!
I also got some more needles and a 300 and 600u vials of follistim. Sigh... thank goodness for some insurance coverage. Stuff is SO damn expensive. I just hope this is the last time we need this for at least a few years heh.

Oh off topic for a sec. I have to type this dream out.
I had a weird dream last night where it was 2 billion years in to the future. People were still around on Earth, but the sun was dying. It wasn't going super nova or anything, it was simply just dwindling out. I remember in the dream being in a plaza with a bunch of other people and looking up in to the sky watching the light from the sun extinguish, it looked like a giant rock in the sky (how we still saw it *shrugs*), and the sky darkened.
Everyone starts freaking out and ships start leaving Earth. BUT there isn't enough room on the ships for everyone to escape before Earth is unable to support life any longer.
So the governments of the world decide to pretty much randomly pick people to murder by tattoos that appear on their bodies.
Almost everyone has these weird tribal looking tattoos show up on different parts of their body, and depending on how they look determines if you get to leave or die.
I get a tattoo along with a few of my friends. We're not sure which is which, so we're trying to find some way to fool whoever so we can leave. In the end, some professor guy gives us these small vials of liquid to drink that will show us as being cleared to leave the planet. And then I woke up. heh

And yep, as you can see, I have a bunch to talk about lol. It's why I haven't been posting that often. Just nothing going on.
4 more days of provera to go though. Woo :)


cheriespin said...

i had a weird dream last night too, first it started that i went 4 provinces over to hitchike back home, then somehow it turned into a musical, and in that musical thing i started making out with some asian woman, and taylor laurant (jacob from the twilight movies) then somehow my clit turned into a penis and i was walking around nude showing it off, and then i ended up leaving my DF for jayn as a lover cause i decided i wanted to be a boy.

jayne woke me up cause i was fidigety in my sleep and she had made muffins, and seeing her first after me trying o sleep with her in my dream was creepy, i turned about 600000 shades of red and hid. in hindsight it was funny, but o well. jayne had a weird dream too...but i cant remember what it was ATM, something about working as a daycare personel..and se was living with her old room and board and he tried to sleep with her. i unno, lastnight was a night for odd dreams....

LisaB said...

Whoa weird dream! Yay for getting your meds! I feel your pain about the expenses :( I have a good feeling about you though!