Friday, October 22, 2010

On a lighter note

I'm feeling better today. I'm still frustrated about the whole dose thing but I'm over feeling SO extremely pissed over it.

Anywho, I just woke up and wanted to try on a couple pairs of pants that I could never wear b/c they were too tight.
These were pants that I had gotten at Old Navy I think 3 years ago. Maybe even longer. Both are size 18 but they run VERY small. I dunno who the hell sizes these things but they were severely wrong with these 2 pants.
Anywho. I have the bad habit of not trying on clothes before getting them, and that's what happened here.
I just got them.
BIG mistake. Brought them home and I remember not even being able to get one pair over my ass, and the other pair buttoned and zipped.
I just tried both of them on, one of them is still SUPER tight on the waist (the one I couldn't get over my ass), BUT I could button and zip it up. I just dunno if I could bend over in them for fear of popping the buttons lol. I wonder what the real size of those are. I may whip out the measuring tape to see.
And the other pair I got on with absolutely no problem.
Boy that felt great!!


unaffected said...

That's awesome!!! Gotta love starting your day out like that :)

LisaB said...


Lisa said...

Lol thanks ladies :) Now to actually get to my next smaller size or get pregnant. Obvious which one I'm hoping for first though hehe