Friday, October 1, 2010

RE Consult

Just got home.
So, the RE gave me my provera prescription! YAY! We still need to go pick it up, but WOOT WOOT! *happy dance*
So happy he's not making us wait.

He mainly just talked about what causes miscarriages. How 'they' don't really know the causes most of the time. Blood tests that could be done, but in his opinion weren't really necessary ever. Specially since this was just my first m/c. Etc etc. Pretty basic.

Also, once he knew that we wanted to do injection cycle again, he told us the plan was to start me on 100u of follistim. It's only 25u more than what I started on before. Not too thrilled with that, BUT at this point, I would do another shitty 19 days of getting jabbed with needles just to have the chance again.

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LisaB said...

Good luck, Lisa! I'll be stalking!!