Thursday, October 28, 2010

Surprise Trigger!

So, I had my appointment today. Was expecting to see the follicles on my right ovary to be around 12-14mm.
Well nope... most of them were 9-10mm. Boo, BUT one of them was at 24mm!! That was a surprise. I guess it decided to bully all the others and use all of the follistim for itself b/c that sucker was not there on Tuesday. Or if it was, it hid extremely well.
So the PA asked if we wanted to do the trigger there or at home, and I just got it there. We went to the pharmacy to get my progesterone suppositories, went a few other places and came home and BD'd :)
So although I'm disappointed that it's only one, I'm still happy that there's still a chance with the one.

Oh and my lining was at 15mm I think. I don't seem to have a problem with that so if I never mention it, that's why.


LisaB said...

Yay for 1 awesome follie!!! Your lining is amazing! Here's to a sticky bean this cycle!! FX!!

unaffected said...

Yay for a nice big follie!! :)

LisaL said...

Thanks ladies :D

Kerrik said...

Woohoo for the giant follicle! Best of luck to you Lisa.