Thursday, December 23, 2010


Started the provera yesterday! WOO!
Afterwards though, I had an incident with some spotting. It wasn't a lot and only lasted for 2 bathroom trips, but still, I was scared that AF would start and ruin everything lol.
Still a bit nervous that AF will come sooner than I hope, but I will lie my ass off just so they (RE) won't make a big deal if I'm say, cd4 instead of 3.
I know the spotting was just my hormones though. I should pay closer attention next time. It's always the same symptoms I get when my body is acting up. I get a headache that doesn't go away, I feel BLEH all day long.

And yeah that's about it. In case I don't post before.... I hope everyone has a happy Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate or don't celebrate :D

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LisaB said...

Yay! I hope AF arrives at a convenient time! Cd 4 is okay, too. Merry Christmas!