Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eve of the departure

As the title says, DH will be going tomorrow morning. Sigh. I'm already worrying lol. I really hate flying, and him having such a long flight is UGH stressing me.
I know people fly every day with no problems, but that is not comforting to me at all.

On another note.... I'm having a little bit of spotting. Not sure what's going on, but I'm thinking it's just mid-cycle, screwy hormones causing it. It's not a lot, just a teeny little bit. Hope it doesn't get any heavier.
Erm what else... really nothing going on with the whole TTC thing. I think it was my bowels, maybe pressing up against my ovary or something that was causing the twinging and cramping I felt before. I felt it again slightly the other night, and then a little while later had a BM so *shrugs* maybe.

OO and I got both of DH's Xmas presents today. YAY! I spent a good chunk of money so he's only getting 2 things from me lol.
Both are Fossil brand. I got him a watch and a wallet. Both which he needs.
My mom bought him a watch after he graduated college, and it ended up breaking (well the battery is dead), about a year ago. He's never really replaced it, so I got him a nice one.
I hope he likes it. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's a super nice looking watch in person heh.

And he's had his wallet for forever as well. I actually don't remember the last time he's changed it. He's been wanting to get a new one, but just hasn't found one he likes. He likes a particular style, so that's what I tried sticking with.
Er well, that's not exactly it but close enough lol. Too lazy right now to find the right photo hehe.

He hasn't left yet, but I already can't wait for him to get back home in to my arms.

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unaffected said...

I love the gifts you picked out for him! I'm also getting my DH a watch, and probably Fossil as well. :)