Monday, December 6, 2010


Actually surprisingly, I haven't been the walking dead so far even though I've been having to wake up early to feed the dogs and let them out.
I think my random naps help some. Past few days I've felt tired so took a nap, but today, I didn't feel tired at all.
Ate dinner, laid down to watch some tv afterwards, and I was out cold after about 30mins. Woke up about an hour later. Would've slept longer, but dogs needed to go out again.

Spotting hasn't gotten heavier thankfully. It's gone back to barely there. Actually only time I've noticed it was when I had a BM. So FX that it actually stops.

DH got to see his sister and her fiance today. Well actually yesterday. She's over there going to school for something to do with the navy and I think her fiance is gonna be shipped out on to a boat soon. Not sure about that though.
DH said he bought himself a $40 steak. Sheesh. He gets $75 a day for meals though so no cash out of his pockets.
Erm, he'll be going to a taping of the Tonight show tomorrow, well technically today (Monday).
Not sure how they're shown? I think they're filmed the day when they air? *shrugs* If so then he'll be seeing Russell Brand, etc etc. That should be fun.

Sigh, I'm BORED. World of Warcraft has been keeping me busy, but with the expansion coming out on Tuesday and me not being able to play it (mine is getting shipped so who the hell knows when I'll get it), I'll have to find something else to occupy my time.
I need to finish up the wall thing in the nursery. I've taken some progress shots, but dumbdumb me didn't get them off the camera card thing before DH left. Oh well.

And on a gross note.... I don't know how the hell something so small produces SO much FUNK. Be warned all of you folks wanting a squished faced dog, like a pug or a frenchie, or english bulldog..... they are going to fart, and fart A LOT. I dunno about the smaller variety, like pekinese (sp?), I just know that b/c of their small snouts, they swallow a lot of air when they eat, and well, that air needs to come out. Unfortunatly, it seems it likes coming out their rear.
Our dog Cid. I love him to death, but DAMN I wish I could stop the gas. It is funky and just gross and LINGERS. That's the worst part. I mean yes, the smell is gawd awful, but the worst part is when it doesn't go anywhere. It just stays there and you can't get away from it!
Thank goodness for my orange air freshener (love it!), it covers up the smell well and makes everything smell just like oranges.


unaffected said...

Sorry you are bored w/out hubby! WoW always did get boring the months preceding an expansion.

Ew @ dog farts!

LisaB said...

LOL, one of my cats stinks up the whole place & it DOES linger! LMAO. Sorry you're bored!