Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New experience

So before DH left, I made him take me to the Korean store to load up on all the korean goodies I wanted while he was gone.
I wanted to try my hand at making this hot squid dish that I LOVE, so I bought 2 frozen whole squids.
I'm actually having it right now and it's SO good, but UGH at having to gut and clean them out.
Just a weird experience having to pull out the guts, and seeing their shiny little eyeballs.
And the beak, UGH the beak is SO strange. When they say that squid beaks look like parrot beaks, they are NOT joking. It is the strangest thing ever.
So yeah..... weird and a bit traumitizing rofl, but worth it b/c this dish is all sorts of AWESOME.

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unaffected said...

I never imagined that a squid had a beak... sounds so gross, lol! But I'm glad it's yummy!