Saturday, December 4, 2010

No Sleep!

OMG I couldn't sleep last night! I'm already paranoid about someone breaking in to the house with DH home, so being home alone just makes me paranoia even worse.
I didn't head to bed until about 3am. Then dosed off in to a very light sleep that I kept waking up from b/c my stomach decided then it would be an awesome time to get upset.
And then my mind starts racing and hearing every little noise.

I know our chances of getting robbed are slim. There are much nicer homes around us, AND we have 3 very noisy barky dogs. But still, fear isn't always logicial.

I'm sure as the week goes by, it'll get better and I'll actually be able to get some sleep.

I'm still spotting. Probably just the BMs but looked like there was a bit more bloody discharge. Also w/ BMs I'm getting some snotty CM. I'm not getting my hopes up that this is something since this has happened before w/ no O in site, so meh. I do have a couple of OPKs that I may use though. Not that it would really make a difference since DH isn't here, but still, would be nice to know just in case my body decides to work on its own.

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