Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ok, so DH has been wrapping up the rest of the Christmas presents because we need to mail off a few tomorrow. He realizes that we don't have enough of that brown mailing paper left, so we head to Walmart.

5mins after we get there, I start groaning and moaning and complaining about leaving. I hate Walmart with a passion, and I hate shopping even more. If I know what I want, I want to get it and leave. DH on the other hand inherited just a sliver of his mother's shopping endurance. He doesn't really like shopping either, but he takes his time and has to relook over everything before actually settling on something, if that makes any sense.
It drives me up the damn wall, and he knows it :P
So after torturing me for another 30 or so minutes, we finally head to checkout. We have maybe 15 items, and speedy checkout is 20 or less.
Well guess fucking what... bitch in front of us has half a cart FULL of shit.
That's not the worst part, worst part is she's also using these fucking coupon things that won't scan, AND she's using a damn gift card that she insists has X amount on it still. All the while the line is getting longer and we've already been standing there for 20 damn minutes! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH GAWD DAMN I HATE PEOPLE!!!!
Not everyone, just the frickin inconsiderate pricks that thinks the world revolves around them.
Like the assholes who can't bare to walk 2 more feet to put the damn shopping cart in to the little shopping cart drop off area. Seriously, we saw 3, not one, not 2, but 3, right where we parked, which was right beside the drop off area for carts, where people just left them in parking spots. It literally would've taken these douches 1 second to push the cart over just a little bit in to the drop off area. But oh no! They can't be bothered!
And then coming home, this frickin slow ass stupid bitch that kept hitting their breaks whenever they came upon who the hell knows what. But that's not even the bad part, the ASSHOLE behind us was riding our ass as if doing that was going to make the prick in front of us go faster. AND they started flashing their lights at us.
It's like really you fucking dickhead? Can you not see past your douchey asshattery to see that there is another fucking car in front of us that is going slow as shit??


Phew, ok feel a little better... that is until we have to go back out tomorrow and experience dickwad drivers all over again. Yippee.......

/end rant

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