Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New car! YAY! Another bill... BOOOOOO

So we picked up my car today :D
Had to get BiL to drive the truck home.
They didn't get my car in until late. They had it in their show room for some reason *shrugs*
I really don't see the point in trying to negotiate a price. I know things tell you to try to get below invoice, but unless you're saving thousands of dollars, there's no point b/c from what we've seen, most places don't really sell for that much more over invoice.
Like the honda place sells for a couple hundred over what they pay. The mazda place sells for about 1k over.
We got ours at invoice though so yep. No need to haggle.

It's def gonna get used to riding in and driving. Been so used to being up high in the truck, it's gonna be weird being so low to the road. Specially getting in and out.
We have to take it back in around thursday. We're getting rear bumper guards and the autodim night/day rearview mirror put in. Plus there are some scratches that they need to fix.
Yep, now to just get used to driving it and actually get my license lol.
It was already getting dark by the time we left to get the car, so no photos right now. I'll get some tomorrow though.

Oh and while I'm thinking about it. Here's the best thing DH brought back for me from CA
The teeny tiny little single serving tabasco bottle. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I love little cute things, and OMG, seriously, I feel like a total dork for loving it so much but it's SO small and cute! I put it beside the tylenol bottle so you could get a sense of scale.

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