Monday, December 6, 2010

He's such a doofus

... but I love him lol.
He called me after the Leno taping and was all excited about it. He couldn't talk long b/c the ppl he was with were hurrying him, but he said that he was one of the people that stand up front at the beginning of the show. I think he said he's sitting up front too w/ another pharmacist.
He actually had me call his mom to tell her to watch lol.
That'll be fun though and will be nice seeing him even if it is on tv lol.

On ttc news, or well, my body news. I'm passing a good bit of EW type of cm w/ my BMs. Now I get this every once in a while. There will be a small amount sometimes, but this is a lot. Just a min ago, there was a pretty good amount on the tp when I wiped.
Wouldn't it be a damn shame if I did ovulate. I know I know, it would be nice IF I did, but IF I did, of course it would be when DH is no where around..... Damn body.
I doubt it's anything other than hormonal imbalance though. I've been getting headaches like crazy which usually happens.
Good news, it seems the spotting has stopped so yay for that at least. Now if I can just get rid of the headache.


pookiedoo87 said...

I just noticed the progress on your weight loss ticker, congrats! That's awesome. Here's to hoping this is ovulation, and that it is followed by another cycle with ovulation and then a bfp :-)

unaffected said...

So did you see him on TV??!

LisaL said...

I saw a shot of him. It was just the top of his head, and he was reaching out towards Leno (he didn't get a handshake though). It was super quick but I saw him heh.
He said he was sitting beside the band.