Tuesday, December 14, 2010

UGH Hangover!

So lets see what has been going on.
Yesterday, we went to DH's bank to finally put me on to the bank account. I know that sounds awful, but there really was no reason for me to be on it since I don't drive anywhere or go anywhere on my own. And the few times I have (like w/ friends and family), I didn't need to buy anything.
But yeah, now that we're getting a 2nd car, I'm gonna need my own debit card. Muahahahaha

We also finally decided on definitely the Mazda 3. I'm a bit disappointed with it though. I REALLY wanted the keyless push start/stop feature. I didn't really even think about getting that until we had test drove the fiesta and that was a feature on it. It's just SO cool and I wanted it. However, frickin mazda doesn't offer it seperate. You MUST get the technology package, which would've been fine with me, BUT getting the tech pack, you MUST get the moonroof package as well which is complete bullshit.
We test drove a mazda 3 with the moonroof and it takes away at least 5 inches above your head. DH's head was brushing up against it. And even before that, I didn't want the moonroof anyway.
So yeah, we had a choice to make, moonroof and I would get my keyless feature, but would probably bump my head on the roof whenever we hit a bump, or no moonroof, more space and yeah.
We decided no moonroof. Sigh.... damnit. Oh well. I'll just have to use a key to start the car like everyone else :P lol
They had to get the car I wanted in, and we had to pay a small fee for them to get it, so yeah, we're committed now.
DH got the call and was told that it would be there this afternoon. Exciting :D

And finally about the hangover..... we decided to finish off all of the alcohol we had left last night. There wasn't a lot and it was taking up room in the freezer. Or well, I thought there wasn't a lot.
I got sooooo shitfaced. I don't remember some of what happened later in the night lol. I've only ever gotten that drunk once before when I was a teenager. I don't like getting that drunk. A good buzz and I'm good to go.
But anywho, I woke up at around 4:30 with my head pounding and slowly feeling like I had to puke. So I got up and went to the other bathroom across the house (so I didn't wake DH up), and retched. It was just really forceful dry heaving, but then finally a little bit came out and I felt fine (other than the headache).
Took some ibuprofin and headed back to bed. Woke up again at 7 and my head was still pounding, so took 2 more ibuprofin and I'm good now.
Oh the joys of alcohol :\

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unaffected said...

Aw, sorry about the hangover, but YAY for the new car!! And lol @ you having to start it w/ a key like everyone else! You have it so rough ;)