Monday, December 27, 2010

Eh, not too shabby

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday :)

Mine wasn't too bad. Actually got some decent gifts. I know that's not what it's all about, but still :P Ate some good food and it was just a good day I think.
Plus that night, we actually got snow!
It is NOT normal for us to get snow this early, if at all.
We got around 2-3inches and it actually stuck! Well most of it will probably be gone today, but still, not normal. It was still fun having an almost white Christmas :)
Now the day after Christmas was awesome too. DH really made my day then. Even though it was still snowing and slush on the road, it wasn't icy. So we headed out early. We went to Target first to see if DH could return a game his mom got him that he already had.
Well after that, we headed over to their Xmas stuff, and it was all 60% off. We snagged 2 reindeer outdoor decor. One is wire, and the other is tinsel. Both cute! We also got 2 wire holly lights, and some wrapping paper.
Next, we went to Michaels (it's right next door to Target). I needed a foam ball for a project I'm doing (I'll post about it later), and then headed to their Xmas stuff. They were pretty cleaned out, BUT still had this tinsel cow I had wanted before. It was 50% off. Oh and I got this cute little wreath made from bells for the tree next year. I think that was 70% off.
We went grocery shopping after that, then headed over to Home Depot. I wanted this one giraffe tinsel decoration that I had seen earlier in the month. I was afraid they would be sold out, but nope, they had a bunch left so we snagged one. YAY! I can't remember how much off it was. I think 50%. DH also grabbed 2 boxes of these really cute walkway lights that are in the shape of Xmas Lights.

DH totally spoiled me and god do I love him for supporting my nerdy ass :P lol
So yeah, all of that including the awesome chickens we got, our yard next year is going to look like a zoo! I can't frickin wait! hehe

And on TTC.... including today, I have 5 more days of provera left. WOO! Almost there. I can't wait! I'm still feeling good for next cycle. We're planning on humping like rabbits.
I may try some grapefruit juice too since last time my CM wasn't all that great. I don't take any medication that the juice could interfere with so I'll give it a shot.


unaffected said...

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas! :)

Kerrik said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your Christmas holidays and post Christmas shopping spree! Best of luck with the next cycle...grapefruit juice? I haven't heard of that trick.