Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Car photos

Woke up early (not just to take photos lol)...and decided to brave the cold to take some photos. There's a little bit of frost on the car, but probably not really noticeable.

First up, the key. Yes, the key :P I just thought it was neat. It has the keyless entry buttons and all that jazz, and the key itself is tucked away inside. You press the little silver button (that has some hair stuck to it that I didn't notice), and voila! switchblade key pops out.

And then finally photos of the car. Honestly, I'm not totally loving it yet. I'm sure I will once I drive it and get used to it. I just wish it was a tad shorter in the nose without giving up the way it looks. The mazda 2 wasn't bad, but didn't have the right look I liked.
Anywho, here are the photos. You'll notice that the front of the car smiles at you. I didn't even notice it until I read it on reviews and people said it was a negative. I think it's cute though :D

People say it looks like a station wagon heh. Nothing wrong with wagons, but it really doesn't when you get to see it in person. I think photos make it look larger than it is.