Thursday, July 8, 2010

Did it... yay

So I finally did exercise. I still had a headache though, but it was getting later and later and honetly, I was getting closer and closer to just saying screw it and not do anything.
But I didn't allow myself. When I felt like I was on that thin line of going either way, when I felt like I was tipping towards the lazy size, I said NOPE, and exercised.
So yay for that at least heh.

I did P90 sculpt today. I wanted to try floor pushups, even if I only did move a half an inch down, but my right wrist hurts from when I was doing the wall ones. It hurts whenever I put pressure on it. SO boo for that.
I wish I could do pushups..... they look like they workout so much and I feel like I'm missing out on a workout that could be really beneficial.

Oh and my insulin resistance book came in today. It sounds pretty interesting. Something that won't be too hard to stick with once you get the hang of it. It's not very restrictive at all. I mean of course it wants you eating heathier options, but that's not a MUST.
The basics of this diet is that you need to only have 2 servings of high carb foods during any one meal. And along with carbs, you need to balance that out with a protein. But you can have more protein of certain items if you're still feeling hungry and unsatisfied. Or more of certain veggies etc.
I'll def be trying this out starting next week. Gotta finish the book and then figure out my meals for next week.

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