Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meh, tired but ok

Did weigh stuff today. Only did the 1-2 circuit since that's really all I was doing with the harder one since I don't do the pushups.
DH just doesn't understand why I don't even try.
I CAN'T. 1 my wrists apparently can't handle my weight being on them like that and start hurting.
Also, what the hell is the point when I barely go down. I probably go down a half an inch, IF that much.
It's not an exercise I'm suddenly going to be able to do if I just keep at it. No, it'll be just a strain on my wrists.
SO frustrating!

Anyways... today was the last provera pill! WOOOOOO I can't wait for a new cycle to start and start TTC again!!

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