Monday, July 19, 2010

Good good

So I did the cardio stuff today. Woot woot!
Didn't stop once to take a break during the knee lifts at the beginning which I'm happy about. I usually have to take at least 2 breaks to give my poor legs a break, but I pushed through it. Now I did take a short break afterwards but still lol.
The next part of the workout is a jumping jack, run in place, and run lunges section. I had to stop during this. I run around the living room, foyer, etc b/c I dn't feel like my running in place does anything. And I do it for the run lunges and jumping jacks sometimes as well. Well, go over to the room w/ the treadmill, and there's dog shit on the floor. BLEEEEEEEEEEEH
So had to stop and pick that up and spray the area. Damn dogs.

But I got back to it and did it. Didn't feel as intense though b/c my heart rate went back down when I had to stop.
It's all good though.

Weighed myself before working out, 220, weighed myself after, 219!! I just hope one of those is on the scale tomorrow!

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