Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's that time again!

End of week 4 and not much has changed. Should've worn the same sports bra to see what kind of difference there is for the photos, but meh, there really isn't any difference. SIGH. Disheartening but I'm a big girl and losing slowly isn't going to show up in photos ASAP. Gotta keep reminding myself these things.

Here are my stats.... First one will be from last week, 2nd will be this weeks

Weight- 221, 222

Left Upper Arm- 15.25, 15.5
Right Upper Arm- 16.25, 16
Bust- 42.75, 42.25
Below Bust- 39.25, 38.5
Belly above Bellybutton- 41.25, 41
Waist- 40, 39.5
Hips + Pooch- 47.5, 47
Right Mid Thigh- 22, 22
Left Mid Thigh- 22, 22

So yeah, some measurements have gone down, some haven't. Overall not too bad.
I think I should start measuring my thighs higher up. Where I've been measuring them now really isn't that  fatty, but higher up it is and I think I'd see more measurement differences then.
I think I'll do that next week.

TTC news.... going to get provera today! WOO! Wanna get this cycle over and done with and start trying again hopefully!
A bit scared that I still have cysts though. Was getting some weird feeling in my right O last night. I pressed down and it ached. So *shrugs* FX that all is clear and we can start again.

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