Tuesday, July 6, 2010

End of week uh.. 3?

SO the end of week 3. Wasn't very good this week with the exercising at all.
Lets see, what are my excuses.
On saturday, we went grocery shopping & went to a movie, so I didn't want to do anything then.
Sunday, I woke up early to start cooking some desserts for a July 4th family get together thing at noon. That whole thing took up my day until around 6pm.
And then Monday was spent going out to Walmart & Home Depot and working in the garden for a little bit.
SO yeah, my excuses for not doing anything. I felt guilty about it, but honestly, I didn't want to.

Anywho, here are my weekly photos. I look fatter in my side shot. Still no visible changes. I have a lot of inches to lose before you can actually notice a difference I think heh. And I'm hoping doing that Insulin Resistance Diet will help get rid of the belly fat. Just hope that book comes in soon so I can start doing it next week.

End of Week 3 stats
It'll be from week 2, then 3

Weight- 223, 221

Left Upper Arm- 15.5, 15.25
Right Upper Arm- 16.5, 16.25
Bust- 43.2, 42.75
Below Bust- 39.5, 39.25
Belly (above bellybutton)- 42, 41.25
Waist- 40.75, 40
Hips & Pooch- 48, 47.5
Right Mid Thigh- 23.5, 22
Left Mid Thigh- 22.25, 22

So after the last week of my numbers actually going up, this week, they've gone down. Not much, but hopefully it continues to just keep dropping. As I mentioned, I'm really hoping that that diet helps to get rid of the belly fat quicker.
Going to be doing the harder cardio workout this week, but I think I'll stick with the regular weight training stuff for now. Just don't think my muscles are ready to do more just yet.

Weight training today!

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