Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday.... uuuuuugh

It was overcast this morning, so lord help me, my energy level was crappity crapcrap.
I got up & laid on the couch and read the IR diet book a little bit.
It sounds like a good plan, but it's really confusing too. Kinda contridicts itself sometimes.
Like it'll say that it's ok to do one thing one minute, and then a few pages in, it'll say NOT to do it.
Oh well, I'm sure I'm just not reading it correctly or something rofl.

So, I woke up thinking I wasn't going to exercise. I convinced myself that I would just take 2 days off a week, and that was that. But NO LAZY SELF! I got up and got my workout clothes on. I'll have to go to another room to exercise since DH is playing PS3 on the main tv, but oh well.

I don't think I'm going to lose weight this week. I just feel it. Hopefully I'll still lose some inches, but who knows.
I think not exercising those 3 days really screwed me. And my eating hasn't been good either. But I'm starting that thing next week if I can just figure it out a bit better so.. we'll see how that goes.

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