Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sooo tired

So I did the 45min cardio. Didn't do the abs though. Near the end of my workout, not sure why but felt like I was going to puke. You know that feeling of when you drink a lot and you can actually hear and feel all of it swishing around in your stomach?
It was kind of like that, except that I couldn't hear anything and that particular feeling has never made me nauseous before.
And with the 45min workout, I can't keep up with them completely yet.
The last bit isn't that bad w/ the kicks and punches, but the first part, w/ the knee lifts and then jumping jacks and what is called X-work. Just kills my calf muscles. Hopefully sticking with it though I'll actually be able to do it all one day.

Anywho, after working out and taking my shower... man, I just wanted to lay down and die on the couch.
I am SO tired. I took a nap, slept for 2 hours in a light nap most of the time which is usually more than enough. BUt I had to force myself up and I'm still feeling lik I could go and sleep for another 4 hours.
I haven't had a problem sleeping at night for a little while now so not sure what the problem is other than the usual hormonal thing screwing with me.

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