Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2nd u/s today

Not until 3:15 though. BLEH!
RE had surgery to do so we couldn't get in until late.
If everything is ok, I wonder when he'll release me to my OB. I'm fairly certain I heard them tell me before that they do that at 10 weeks.

I'm SO frackin nervous though. Just so scared that something is wrong or the baby stopped growing or just something like that. Hell, even if everything is ok today doesn't mean it will be tomorrow. As was said to me in the previous post... we just know too much and this worry will never go away.
I wish I could be one of the naive women that has no worries. That had no problem telling everyone that they were pregnant as soon as they found out b/c there was no doubt in their mind that they were going to have a baby.
Oh the bliss to be that naive......

IF everything is ok, I'll be telling my mom tomorrow. It's her birthday (I have NO idea how old she is.. sigh...), and I dunno... even though we're really not that close, I still want to tell her. Give her a great birthday present. It's not like this would be her first grandbaby or anything, but she's really not super close to my nieces. Mostly b/c of my brother and his wife. I won't even get in to that big mess...
I'll have to make sure she doesn't tell anyone though. That's gonna be tough b/c if she blabs to my brother, then it's all over... everyone is going to know.


socialite_baby said...

I can't wait to hear your update later! I'll be thinking of you and that little one! :) I hope it goes well!

Kerrik said...

Wishing you a wonderful ultrasound with lots of beautiful images of your little bubs heart beating away :)

Jamie said...

Stalking for your update!!