Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a new year.... time for some babies!

I guess I'm having headaches caused by hormones. Thankfully 2 tylenol quickly resolves it. I thought it was b/c of dehydration, but I made sure to drink plenty of water yesterday and all night long whenever I got up.
UGH I hate waking up with a headache that won't go away. Thought sleeping would help but no. Thankfully it didn't get horrible and like I said, tylenol when I finally took some got rid of it by the time I woke up again.
I am NOT complaining though heh. Bring all of it on b/c I am SO ready for it.
Whatever it takes, I'm gonna push through it.

I am def not eating like I should. I'm not eating more than usual, BUT what I am eating I think is causing me to gain weight. I'm already up about 5lbs and that is NOT good.
All I want is carbs carbs carbs though and I know that is the cause of the quick weight gain.
Gonna have to get control of it and start walking every day to help.

DH is having some difficulties finding someone to go to a concert with him. We bought the tickets before I got the BFP. I still want to go and think it should be ok, but I'm going to ask the RE on Wed. I'm sure I'll be looked at like I'm crazy but oh well lol.

Sigh.... it's Sunday now... so yeah.. still a long way before my appointment!


Madame Coco Dubois said...

Best of luck this year!!! :)

lisabttc said...

Sorry about your headaches! I hear it's very normal to crave carbs. Hopefully that will also subside before long. Good luck at your next appt! I'm so happy to follow along :)