Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh I've been neglectful

Of this blog. I really haven't had anything to post about unless you want to hear about how I still haven't put up the Christmas decoration. It's all still sitting in the dining room area :P At least it's not outside so.... yeah :P lol

DH and I were supposed to go to a concert this Sunday. It was our Christmas present to eachother. I was SO looking forward to it, but we're being safe and I'm staying home.
Thankfully he found a coworker to go with him. They're going out to dinner first.... to a sushi place... ehehehehe.
It's funny b/c DH has never had sushi before and doesn't like fish :P His friend LOVES it but his fiance doesn't so he's taking this oppurtunity to go heh.
It's just funny b/c I can't imagine DH liking it, but SO many people rave about it, ya never know, he might enjoy it :)
I've never had sushi sushi myself. I love the Korean equavalent which is called kimbap. No raw anything in it and it's DELICIOUS, but usually ends up making me burp like crazy when I eat it heh.

We have to go to that coworkers wedding at the end of Feb. BLEH. I just don't like crowds. As I'm sure I've said before.. I am SO not a social butterfly. I'm that person you see standing away from everyone else, or if there's a pet around, I'm the one focusing all of my attention on the pet :P lol
I'm awkward and have nothing in common with the average adult.... especially other women.
But I'll go b/c this could be the start of a great friendship for DH and this guy... so I'll go for DH :)

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