Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stupid computers!!!!

I'm ready to throw this damn thing out the window, but can't b/c we don't have the money to buy me another lol.

I think I did get a virus on it. I have no idea where since I don't go to funky sites, so *shrugs*. I'm pretty sure the programs I run got rid of it though, BUT it did it's damage before I caught it.
Now my computer is running funny, freezing up and just being a pain in the ass!!!
I have SO much stuff on the computer that I would have to burn on to a disk if I wanted to just do a whole system restore and UUUUUGH big headache!

Sigh... maybe if we get a nice big tax return... and don't use all of it to pay off bills I can convince someone to buy me a new one :P lol Yeah right heh... I'd still have to copy everything I wanted and hope none of it was carrying a virus with it. Sigh....

Technology can kiss my ass right now.

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