Monday, January 9, 2012


Alrighty, I go to 3 different forums for ttcers preggos etc.
Well one of them is VERY active and I'm sure a lot of women who have ever googled something TTC related or pregnancy related has stumbled upon this site.
Anyway... why post something like "Am I overreacting?" and then get pissed off when someone says yes???
If you're just looking to rant and have people on your side, don't frickin ask anyone for their opinion on if you're just being a GD drama queen!

I am not going to hold someone's hand and give them a big load of horsecrap b/c that's not what they asked for. They explained their situation and specifically asked if they're overreacting. If I think so, then I'm going to F-ing tell you and don't you dare get F-ing pissed off at me for telling you and honest answer!
I try my best to write out a nice reply so hopefully it doesn't come off as rude or mean, but pfft, that doesn't matter b/c people just want to hear what they want.
It would be one thing if I posted with something like I did earlier.. calling them drama queens that are looking for validation and attention, or something worse, but I don't (even if I am thinking it :P ).

If I post something and ask for opinions, I may not like all of them, but I'm certainly not going to get all pissed off when someone does post something I don't want to hear (so long as it's not posted in a rude manner.. blahblah).


thirtiesgirl said...

I love those sorts of posts...and I totally get what you're saying.

socialite_baby said...

Sounds like the crazies on BBC!