Friday, January 6, 2012

Another day... another post

I was wondering this morning while I was waking up.
Why does it take so long for first timers to feel the baby moving? What is it.. something like 16w or something like that? Maybe sooner, I dunno.
But still... when women get implantation cramps from this teeny tiny little thing.. and then it takes SO long for us to feel the baby....
I dunno.. just seemed weird to me lol.

Here are the photos of the cards I made....
First up is the butterfly one that I went with. There are other colors, pink, blue, green, & red.
I totally went lazy on the front of it b/c I honestly have no design talent lol. I'll have instances where I'll get a good idea for design elements, but yeah... most of the time no.

And here's the heart one I didn't go with b/c I completely screwed up the front b/c of the damn glue I used.
It made some of the cards look like I had greasy fingers or something when I made them and just... bleh. Looked awful.

It's SUPER easy to make. I followed the instructions in these videos and really.. it's SO simple to do. Gets a bit tedious when you have to do 9 of them though :P

Part 1
Part 2


Sarra said...

Very cute cards!! And I agree about the waiting being hard. I am going to be 17 weeks tomorrow and I have yet to feel the baby moving. I'm ready already! I just want to feel him moving around! I know it's coming soon, and a lot of people already are feeling it at this point, so I just have to be patient. It does start to fly by though, so you'll be there before too long!

Anonymous said...

I felt my baby kick around 18 weeks, but its so faint it is easy to mistake for something else. My husband felt him kick on our one year wedding anniversary (I was just over 20 weeks at that point) which was pretty special.

The weeks fly by and before you know it you will be just hoping the baby will stop the constant kicking of your bladder so you can get a good nights sleep! I remember in the beginning just wanting everything to move faster because I wanted to be showing, and kicking but pregnancy is such a beautiful precious time and needs to be savored. Try and relax and enjoy this time. Your little one will be here before you know it!