Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BLEH *gag*

DH and I both reuse plastic cups to save money and reduce waste a little (although I'm sure those nice purdy glass ones would reduce it even more heh)....
Just rinse out and re-use. Easy enough... well.. that's until you don't think to check to make sure nothing is in it before pouring your drink.
There is nothing worse than finishing up your drink only to spot a mystery object at the bottom of your cup. BLEH!!!!!!
And of course it was milk so I couldn't see it until the very end.
It's probably just a little piece of food from dinner last night that somehow got flung in to the cup, but still... *barf*

Everything is good here.
Decided to get some cleaning done today. Didn't do the entire house like I need to, but I put up a lot of the Xmas decor finally.. YAY! heh I can't lift up the heavy containers so DH is gonna have to do that.
I vacuumed too. GOOD LORD the carpet needs to be steam cleaned, shampooed, whatever the hell they do. It is GROSS.
But I guess that's what we get w/ 3 dogs a cat and offwhite carpet. Sigh..... I still want to strangle the people the picked the color.... COME ON... offwhite? WTH? Even my neat-freak of a mom wouldn't be able to keep this carpet clean.

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