Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sex... what sex?

Ok I admit that at first, I was afraid to have sex. And when we finally did (I think I was just over 5w), I had the teeniest tiniest amount of blood right after. I mean just a barely there line of blood on the tp.
I think it was a mistake to tell DH about it b/c he hasn't touched me since. SIGH!

Whenever I ask him about it, he always just shrugs or laughs it off, but damnit, I want some sex!! It's not even that my libido is going crazy or anything... I just want that interaction with him, ya know? Plus you read everywhere how you have increased blood supply down there so it makes things feel better and damnit, I wanna test that out! rofl

Sigh.. I certainly don't want to push him to do it, but I just hope he gets over whatever he's feeling soon. Maybe it just weirds him out or something, I dunno.

I'm used to the symptoms coming and going. It still worries me a little bit, but I'm mostly fine with it now since it seems to be my normal.
Today was one of the almost no symptoms day. I did have a little bit of ms/gagging before eating and after eating lunch, but that's been it.

Did I mention that I bought a fetal doppler? If I have... oh well, gonna repeat myself lol.
I bought a sonoline b doppler off of ebay. Think I paid $56 for it. Kind of expensive but hopefully worth it.
I tried using it the day of my 8w u/s and didn't get anything, not that I thought I would.
I barely got my own heartbeat to show up on it! hehe
I figure with all of my belly fat down there, I'd be lucky if I picked anything up before 10 weeks. I'm gonna try again when I hit 9, but not holding my breath.


Kerrik said...

Hey Lisa,
Don't worry, the sex will return. I is a little scary at first, but you'll both get past it and be able to enjoy all that increased blood flow :)

Be careful with that doppler. Those can really scare you if you can't pick anything up, so just make sure not to panic if you aren't able to find a heartbeat on it. In general you won't reliably hear anything on them till much later in the pregnancy. Did you get the gel to use with it?

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Also, remember that those are similar to an ultrasound and are not the safest to be using all the time. I was thinking about getting one but decided against it because i didn't want to do anything extra that could be considered unsafe. I would say use it very rarely just for fun. AND I was super skinny (not anymore at 36 weeks) before I got pregnant and in the beginning and the Dr couldnt even get a heart beat for my baby until 12 weeks, so don't get your hopes up, they are just little inside there, give him/her some time to grow and soon enough you will be feeling those kicks and hearing the heartbeat at your monthly visit