Thursday, January 12, 2012

They are driving me crazy

Talking about my brother and his family.
My brother and his wife are just SO frickin irresponsible and depend WAY too much on others (especially DH and I) giving them handouts to survive on.
I don't mind helping out every once in a while b/c that's what family is for, but damn.. not all the damn time!!!

Like today... I have to go pick up SiL and then pick up their girls from school. Not a big deal and I would've been more than happy to help out, but I was asked at the last possible frickin minute. Which still wouldn't have been so bad, but it's b/c my brother is going to an interview. Awesome right? Well that's until you realize it's b/c he was fired from his previous jobs because he's a lazy ass fucking moocher who can't keep a damn job for anything.
He had a GREAT njob at the local Verizon call center here. Great benefit, great insurance and what does he do? He fucks it all up, constantly calls in sick for no damn reason and gets fired!
And he's constantly lying to me and everyone else about what's really going on. I'm just so sick of hearing his bullshit and I'm so sick of hearing that once again he's jobless.
I mean hell, does he watch the frickin news? There aren't exactly a ton of jobs out there right now.

And don't even get me started on the toilet that they call their home. It is DISGUSTING even just walking up to their door b/c you can smell what is going on inside.
It's a combo of smoke, piss, and shit and I am not exaggerating at all.
They used to have nice furniture.. that is until they let their dogs piss all over them and their girls completely ruin them w/ spilled whatever all over them.
So they got rid of that.. and now just let their 2 dogs and probably their cats as well piss and shit ALL over the living room floor.
This goes back to the incident of my nieces having shit all over their shoes, getting it ALL over the back seat of my car and then SiL having the GD nerve of trying to play innocent and asking "Where did that come from?" As if it came from MY house. I don't fucking think so. Yes, our dogs have shit in the house.. on RARE occassions, but guess what, we actually clean it up!!! *gasp* I know crazy right? Actually cleaning it up so no one will step in it by accident!

And don't even get me started on their completely irresponsible spending. They are poor... period.
They have no money to be doing anything other than paying their bills and putting gas in their car. MAYBE buying something here and there if money permits, but that would be on a rare occassion.
Yet wht do they spend on.... blue ray dvds, computer games, cigarettes, computer parts (like a brand new monitor SiL bought JUST before they asked to borrow money from us.. I didn't know at the time), and whatever other unnecessary crap.

Just ugh, they drive me crazy.
Why is it that the ones we love are the ones to disappoint us the most?
It's not like I don't know what to expect from them... I guess I just still hope that they'll finally get their acts together and be good parents to their girls.
Even though time and time again, they show that they're probably never going to change... silly me over here still hopes they do.

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Jess said...

Do what I wish I would have done. Call cps and report them for unhealthy living circumstances. With my aunt if we had been calling all along they wouldn't be allowed to keep the kids (if you know what is going on with my cousins at the moment). Don't regret in the future what you could be doing now. I wish I would have called all along to protect the kids.