Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yahoo Answers!

Anyone else go to Yahoo Answers? It's like my guilty pleasure. I don't like admitting that I go there, but I can't help it!
I usually just go to the TTC section. Man, there are SO many clueless women.
Not trying to be mean or anything b/c I was just like them at one point. Although that seems to be a million years ago.

I mean SO many, I had sex 2 days ago, am I pregnant??
I had sex a day before my period started, am I pregnant?

and so on and so forth. Boy, I remember being like that. Just so ignorant of how things actually work.

I mean isn't that how we were all brought up though? Taught that sex any time equals automatically getting pregnant?

Well, sure seems to be that way for teenagers, druggies, alcoholics, and any other kind of unfit person. Well, not all teens, but come on, a lot of them.

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