Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well this day started off ok, then slowly spiraled to shit.
Woke up, was taking a shower and heard the phone ring.
So I rush out to answer and it's the RE's office telling me that they made a mistake and my appointment is on Thursday instead of Weds.
Sucks b/c if it had stayed Wed, then DH wouldn't have had to take off of work b/c he's off.
But now since it's thursday, that means that more than likely, they'll want me back in on Saturday, and I dunno if that can happen b/c apparently DH can't get off of work to take me.
It would have to be early morning, and I just don't know if anyone would be willing to get up and take me that early in the morning.
No idea what we're going to do.
I'm so scared and frustrated that this cycle is all going to be for nothing once again b/c I can't get a fucking ride.
How lame is that shit.

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