Friday, May 28, 2010

2nd ultrasound

So... had my 2nd ultrasound this cycle, and everything is slow growing, but growing nonetheless.
I had 2 decent size follicles. 1 on each ovary. Could've been more but who knows.
The one on the right side, she measured at about 10.5mm.
The one on the left she measured at around 14mm.
BUT when she was talking about it, she said they were both at around 12mm. So *shrugs*
She also measured my uterine lining. Pretty sure it was the entire thickness, not just one side.
That measured at 13mm.

We were sent home with another vial of follistim, which brings our total to 5 vials now.

And yep, just have to wait and see what my estrogen is at. If there's a good rise, then I'll be staying on the 175. If I guess it's not where they want, I'll probably be going up to 200u.

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